100+ days of migraine broken

(Rikka Power) #1

I came to Keto through reading about Elena Gross and decided to start Keto as I was just desperate to stop my migraines. I had been experiencing a bout of migraines of 100+ days in a row. I was bed ridden, I was unable to look after my kids, I was unable to live.
I am seeing a neurologist and I have had a CT scan and an MRI which were both completely normal. I was put n a load of drugs which did nothing to stop the migraines.

Today I am 4 weeks on keto and 5 days out of bed! I find that surprisingly one of the things that makes the most difference to keeping the migraines away is salt. I have a drink bottle of electrolytes and I am constantly sipping.

This may be TMI but it is a big deal for my body, I have not menstruated in over a year and a half, I thought I was starting menopause but I got my period this week.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #2

I find that my migraines do not trouble me if I stay in the healthy range of sodium chloride intake, 10-15 grams a day. If I forget and don’t get enough salt, I will sometimes get an aura, and all it takes to get it to go away is a goodly pinch of salt on the palm of my hand.

It’s amazing! In the old days, even just an aura that didn’t develop into a full-blown migraine would put me to bed for hours.


i suffer from a condition called clustrer headache syndrome , its a horrendous horrible condition , they say its the most painfull condition known to man , i dont know im used to the pain , but low carb eating has almost stopped it in its tracks …its a neuroligical disease so it makes sense that the keto diet would work , although all the sufferes about 0.01 % of the worlds population wouldnt agree lol, anyway i have told them about it and now im a wakky idiot lol
i dont care im pain free so lets see who the idiots are , they can keep taking all the drugs …ill just eat properly and reap the rewards

(Rebecca ) #4

Thank you for sharing your success with eradicating the migraines you suffered from for long.
I wish continued good health!