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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, April, talks about how she has struggled making keto work for her. Most people who have a lot of weight to lose see the weight melt away but not April. She has had to push though years of disappointing results to find the answers. 

Every one of my guests is extraordinary but April holds a special place in my heart so she was the natural choice to share the 100th episode with. Here’s to you and your determination and courage April. xxx

April is a busy mom of one amazing teenager, two dogs and two cats. She lives in Oregon and is currently working on her third new career in life while still holding down a full-time job and assisting in caring for her mother who has early onset Alzheimer's. 

She has struggled with weight and emotional issues for over 30 years, bouncing back and forth between diets, depression and anxiety.

In 2016 she found Keto, and although she felt a little better physically and emotionally, she still wasn't losing weight, and only lost a little inflammation. Being morbidly obese and knowing that she might not have a lot of time left to get healthy, she was determined to figure out what was going on. Who would have thought the answer lied in butter?


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Weston Price played around with grass fed butter a lot and squibb (cold pressed) cod liver oil, did amazing things by mixing them together?

Very esoteric and mysterious stuff to say the least in that he could reverse dental carries/cavities with it, the mysterious Activator X Factor (vitamin K?) from grass fed butter mixed with cod liver oil?

I put cold pressed cod liver oil on my scalp and eye lashes and it makes them grow like crazy and thicker too especially the eye lashes (makes them longer)!

Clearly you can see even in Weston Prices day people were eating very high sugar diets[1].


[1] Vitamin K2 and Dental Health:

Weston Price was primarily interested in Activator X because of its ability to control dental caries. By studying the remains of human skeletons from past eras, he estimated that there had been more dental caries in the preceding hundred years than there had been in any previous thousand-year period and suggested that Activator X was a key substance that people of the past obtained but that modern nutrition did not adequately provide. Price used the combination of high-vitamin cod liver oil and high-Activator X butter oil as the cornerstone of his protocol for reversing dental caries. This protocol not only stopped the progression of tooth decay, but completely reversed it without the need for oral surgery by causing the dentin to grow and remineralize, sealing what were once active caries with a glassy finish. One 14-year-old girl completely healed 42 open cavities in 24 teeth by taking capsules of the high-vitamin cod liver oil and Activator X concentrate three times a day for seven months.

Activator X also influences the composition of saliva. Price found that if he collected the saliva of individuals immune to dental caries and shook it with powdered bone or tooth meal, phosphorus would move from the saliva to the powder; by contrast, if he conducted the same procedure with the saliva of individuals susceptible to dental caries, the phosphorus would move in the opposite direction from the powder to the saliva. Administration of the Activator X concentrate to his patients consistently changed the chemical behavior of their saliva from phosphorus-accepting to phosphorus-donating. The Activator X concentrate also reduced the bacterial count of their saliva. In a group of six patients, administration of the concentrate reduced the Lactobacillus acidophilus count from 323,000 to 15,000. In one individual, the combination of cod liver oil and Activator X concentrate reduced the L. acidophilus count from 680,000 to 0.

In the 1940s, researchers showed that menadione and related compounds inhibited the bacterial production of acids in isolated saliva.47 Menadione itself is a toxic synthetic analogue of vitamin K, but animal tissues are able to convert a portion of it to vitamin K2. The ability of vitamin K-related compounds to inhibit acid production in isolated saliva had no relationship to their vitamin activity, and the most effective of these compounds had practically no vitamin activity at all.48 Researchers unfortunately assumed that because vitamin K did not have a unique role in inhibiting acid formation in saliva within a test tube that it had no nutritional role in preventing tooth decay within living beings. …More

[2] Grass-Fed Butter: 7 Benefits of Grass-Fed Butter Nutrition

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Gotta love Weston, he’s the dentist that traveled the world studying primitive and modern cultures and how their lifestyle affected their dental health in the 1930’s.

Great article I posted a few months ago. :cowboy_hat_face: