1 week in, again

(Sammy J Shuford) #1

Actually today is day 8. Two many people and two many sources have said KETO or carnivore, I could do Carnivore but like my Dukes Mayo

This time it’s Permanent!

Wife is on board.

Let’s do this

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #2

Excellent :grin: … Be kind to yourself :innocent:

(Pete A) #3

I eat my Dukes every day! GOOD LUCK!


Having your partner on board helps lots!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #5

Yeah nothing wrong with a healthy sex life


I’ve tried to Dukes-ify clean mayos more times than I can count…Doesn’t work! Wish they’d try to figure it out without the Crapola oil, but at the amount you’re actually eating, it’s just too good not to eat it!

I do a fried chicken sandwich breaded with Pork King Good and 647 bread that I make a grilled cheese with then open it up and use their Habanero Garlic mayo on…NUTS!

(Robin) #7

Good motto! Wife is on board… you got this!

(Marianne) #8

I tried Dukes when the store was out of Hellmanns. I guess I’m a Hellmanns girl. Same thing with Miracle Whip (although it’s a ton of sugar). People either love it or hate it. I was among the latter. I didn’t want to put sugar spread in my tuna salad or on a sandwich.

Carnivore doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If you generally prefer meat, maybe do a “modified” carnivore. I was full carnivore for over a year and it was just fine, however, I started to want to reincorporate my two favorites again - brussels sprouts and cole slaw. We have those now at at dinner. Carbs are still way <20g/day.

Best on your journey! Sounds like you are feeling better already.

(Bacon enough and time) #9

We used Miracle Whip when I was growing up, because regular mayonnaise had too much flavour. Miracle Whip and Sunbeam bread–is it possible to get any more WASP?

(Marianne) #10

We ate Wonder Bread because it “built strong bones.” :roll_eyes::rofl:

(Robin) #11

We did too!

(Bacon enough and time) #12

We did, too, once we moved out of the Sunbeam distribution area. But Sunbeam was guaranteed to have no holes in it. If you could see through a slice, you took it to them, and they gave you a whole new loaf.

It sounds so silly, looking back. It wasn’t just a first-world problem, it was an artificial first-world problem that had been manufactured to sell more product. Americans!

(Bob M) #13

I was one of those people on extremely low fat diets…so I never ate mayo. Ever. Until I started keto. Then I ate some, and don’t mind the flavor of fancy olive oil in my mayo. Though I still don’t eat much mayo. Still prefer mustard.

(Bacon enough and time) #14

I tried making mayonnaise with bacon grease instead of oil (recipe in the Recipes forum). It was yummy, but then what do you do with the egg whites? My inner Scotsman wouldn’t let me simply throw them out.

(Sammy J Shuford) #15

But it doesn’t keep well, or mine didn’t!

(Bob M) #16

Shoot… I thought the following recipe used MORE egg whites than yolks, but it doesn’t. Darn. Still might be tasty though.

You could make 2-ingredient mousse with the egg whites:

It’s really 3 ingredients, since you add salt. You’d have to calculate the carbs, as he’s using 60% chocolate for 3/4s of the chocolate and 72% for 1/4.

And you could probably use higher percentage of chocolate and add some sugar substitute, but I’m not sure how that would change the outcome.

Note: I haven’t made this, but it’s on my list of things to make.


Sunbeam should be the official bread of peanut butter and jelly! No other bread does it as good… that’s science!

(Bacon enough and time) #18

Mine didn’t last long enough to spoil–yum! :grin:


Never heard about Sunbeam bread before but I never would buy sliced (or any other) bread anyway, what an odd idea, oh well, people like that, we all have our tastes and preferences.

Me too :slight_smile: Mayo is way too fatty even to me. Though when I did my own, it was half yolk :wink:

But normal mayo barely uses yolks… Do you make them super eggy like me when I eat mayo once in a decade? That uses 1 yolk and maybe 10g lard. I never liked mayo so it’s enough even though I like its taste.
I always had these 2 tiny problems: what to do with extra egg whites? What to do with extra yolks? I have plenty of ideas for both, I just like freedom, not making things just because I have leftover stuff. Whites are the smaller problem for me as I just freeze them for later. During the years I have collected zillion good recipes we likes for whites, one uses 8 (baked whipped egg whites with cheese. I don’t like them so much but my SO eats them often). And lately I am so much into a dessert that I may lack whites (but it’s easy to use up many yolks in no time so it’s not a long term problem as long as we have eggs).

I consider it a very, very nasty thing to throw out proper food. I don’t even throw out any kind of food but I understand not everyone is like that. And throwing out meat and eggs is pretty much sin in my eyes. I may understand it to some extent in certain cases but still. Precious, precious eggs! Especially the yolks (some people throw that out, ouch!) but whites are precious protein too. And the hen worked for it. Rude to throw out, among others.

I never use salt for desserts, they are too salty anyway due to the eggs. Sigh. I need to enjoy my eggy deserts until I still can somehow…
I may try this out (with my own chocolate so way more ingredients when I don’t have a jar of my own but still simple) :slight_smile: Fluffs are nice. And if I don’t want it (since carnivore-ish became my default woe, I have changed a lot. I still have my moments though… well a bit longer than moments…), my SO gladly helps. He eats up any and all sweets in little time.

I don’t think it would change so much, eggs give a big part of the texture, a tiny sweetener probably can’t change much (okay, I talk about myself, I wouldn’t even use any sweetener first :D) and the right amount of cocoa and fat and sweetness is individual. I make somewhat new eggy things almost every day, most recipes aren’t very delicate :smiley: But maybe I am just not so sensitive, who knows? :slight_smile:

(Kirk Wolak) #20

We at wonder bread, because we had an outlet store where it was REALLY CHEAP when it was old.

With 4 boys and a limited budget… My mom bought the cheapest stuff she could.
“Railroad Salvage” was where we got great deals on dented cans of vegetables (in bulk).

My wife is surprised I survived. In all honesty, mac and cheese out of the box was probably one of the healthiest meals we got all week. Sundays roast was our weekly source of protein.

Thankfully, I got free lunch at school. Of course, in hindsight, I think I know how I became obese…