1 week in, again


My school lunch wasn’t good at all… And it was tiny too. And of course, carby like hell. If we got chicken drumstick, it was 2 bites for a tiny girl I was. I actually cried because of that once.

It didn’t last long, Mom could cook for me. I could cook early too. I was lazy but I could do things for food… But cooking was a hobby anyway.

We bought normal bread. At some point supermarket bread stopped being okay (there were still bakeries though) and I stopped buying those. Then I moved from the only place I got okay bread and from that time on I baked my/our own. Never bought bread since (except maybe when I traveled, once or twice in the last 20 years?) It’s not hard unless you use a bread making machine. That ruins everything and it is more work that way too. No idea why people use it, probably they don’t know it’s easier by hand. Or they are too different from me.

I like making my own stuff as they can evolve with me and bread making is rewarding.

We don’t have that but I ate a lot of baked beans in tomato sauce at some point… It was almost good. I really love certain legumes, they are super delicious and they have protein. Some are even dirt cheap but I tend to like the more expensive ones. The very cheap tinned beans used a cheap, less tasty kind and sugar. Of course cooking is cheaper but cooking beans is a pain, I hadn’t even a pressure cooker.
But (the normal, very carby) bread, it’s just some joy (and suffering in certain cases). No satiation, not much nutrients in my eyes and I barely could stop eating it…

But I always had a very nutritious diet, it’s more than what many people can say… So my body got what it needed and it could handle all the bad things, poor thing, it deserved better but I didn’t know better back then.

(Eve) #22

My mum used to make brown bread when we were growing up, so a loaf of crappy white sliced wonder bread was a real treat , :laughing: :rofl:


I dislike white bread, my SO is the same :slight_smile: Mine isn’t even a light brown, no matter what I do (well okay if I used white flour, that would be very light but that would be as tasteless as white flour, definitely nope. my family has other problems with it anyway).

(Nicci) #24

Put in a little bit of the liquid whey from the top skimming of your sour cream or plain yogurt. Whirl it in with the oil. It has bacteria in it that will set and keep the mayo for much longer. :slight_smile:


Left over egg whites? Fry them up well done, cut them in strips and use them as noodles. Or just stir them into hot bone broth.