Zevia Cola


I’m weaning my husband off of Coca Cola (diet or otherwise) for many reasons, health and politics to name two. Nuff said.

Most colas are manufactured with concerning ingredients and chemicals. A lot claiming to be Keto-friendly still use questionable sweeteners like aspartame, and caramel “colourings” etc. etc.

I recently found Zevia Cola and the only questionable ingredient I found is the elusive “natural flavors” ingredients many food makers like to hide things behind. Still not all natural flavors are wholly bad for us. Like if someone used a natural peppermint extract responsibly made, it would be considered a natural flavor. I guess they don’t list those outright because of proprietary reasons regarding their recipes. Still it bothers me not knowing what’s included in that ingredient listed as natural flavors.

Would any of my fine scientific-minded friends who are so good at analyzing food ingredients chime in and let me know what your opinion about this cola is?

My husband just likes cold carbonated beverages, but as I explained to him if it were simply that, he would easily switch to simple carbonated waters. Lol. I have to move him over slowly to that to help transition his assaulted taste buds.

Thanks for your help!!

(Robin) #2

Good luck. No advice from me. Only sympathy.
My hubby managed to give up his Dr Pepper once, but it lured him back in. May as well eat sugar cubes.


Why? You don’t want him drinking the Woka-Cola? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Zevia is a clean one, Natural Flavors isn’t always code from shady stuff.

Nope, when years ago the CEO was on a podcast I was listening too and went over a lot of that stuff and what they use for their flavorings vs their competitors. I don’t think they’re trying to hide anything.

As somebody that likes the same, can’t agree. Most carbonated waters are disgusting, or taste like 1% flavor and 99% gross. If he likes Zevia, and you don’t mind the price hike, that’s a good one to land on.

(jay) #4

I second the advice, Zevia is likely to be okay…but Zevia Cola’s taste and that caffeine…ugh…do your husband a favor and try the grape or the orange. I will note a negative I experience from drinking Zevia’s …they will not assuage your thirst, if for me they make me more thirsty…it is the most remarkable thing.




Thanks you guys. Good to know there’s something he can try. We will see if he likes the taste of any of the Zevia.

He’s interested in finding something healthier so at least I’m not dragging him kicking and screaming.

(B Creighton) #7

Perhaps a cheaper alternative is to just buy carbonated waters, and add the stevia. That is what I do. But, yeah, I agree. Zevia is a far healthier choice than Coke, which I believe can give you diabetes by itself. I buy stevia drops, and just add them to my selzer waters, herbal teas and lemonade.

(Brian) #8

I have one once in a while. Have tried most of the Zevia flavors. They’re “OK”, not “great”, but maybe that’s a good thing. If they were GREAT, I’d want 'em all the time and I really don’t.

Can’t say they do much for me that a diet Pepsi or a diet Coke wouldn’t do. I don’t really want either of those on a regular basis, either.

I do think the Zevia is a lot cleaner than the Pepsi or Coke or other brand name diet products.


I’m a long time lurker on here. :grin: Zevia is a good replacement for the main brands. I find it to be a bit too sweet, and so mix it with a complementary flavored carbonated water and it goes twice as far. Zevia is very expensive, so that helps with the cost.

Good that your husband has decided to make the transition. Wish I could get mine to join me eating this way, but he is still deluded and thinks the government wouldn’t allow companies to lie about what we are being fed just to make money.


Sounds a good idea :slight_smile: I can handle lowered, weak flavors and I don’t use Zevia but something very powerful, flavorful so when I mix my too sweet or too strong things (I did it with a flavorful red wine last time… I don’t normally dilute my alcohol but it wasn’t a wine I wanted to handle alone) I just use unflavored carbonated water and it works for me. Liking diluted stuff definitely makes my drinks more cost effective and I still quite enjoy the extra flavors. I just like to keep them simple and pure, I dropped “processed drinks” ages ago but never was into them anyway. Lucky. One can change their preference though so there’s hope anyway.