Zero Carb category name

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It might head off a lot of confusion if the category were “Zero Carb / Carnivore” or “Carnivore/Zero Carb”. I’ve already posted at least three times to clarify this in threads tagged ZC.

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I like this.

(Richard Morris) #3

no worries

(Matthew Standridge DDS FAGD) #4

Me gusta


I’ve been doing a carnivore diet for 3 weeks and just joined this forum today. When I searched, I input carnivore/zero carb, so I guess my brain automatically thinks of carnivore first, so it sounds good to me :wink:


How is it going on carnivore? I am thinking of trying it for 30 days and see how it goes.


I love it. I never thought it was possible to feel this good. A year ago, I never imagined I’d do zero carb/carnivore. I thought it was just a touch extreme/unnecessary for health and couldn’t understand how it would make much difference from <20g carbs, but I was wrong; very wrong.


That’s great news! Congrats!

Would you mind telling me the basic of carnivore eating? Is it just meat or are eggs and cheese part of it, too?


Everyone does their own thing as long as what’s eaten is not plant-based. In my case, my system got to the point where it was reacting to everything but beef, lamb, chicken and salmon and I stick mainly to those. But once I’m past the adaptation phase and feel comfortable enough, I’ll try some egg yolks (I’ll still avoid the whites) and some seafood. I can’t eat dairy, but some carnivores do. I find that beef is the most filling and satisfying, especially compared to fish. I may start having a ‘small’ piece of liver as a side dish a couple times a week…Whatever makes you feel good is what’s on the menu! :slight_smile: If you decide to go for it, I wish you the best and hope it works out great.


Thank you! I will keep you posted :blush: