Your First 6 Months: Setbacks & Breakthroughs


(Adrian ) #21

I see where your concern is coming from. My response is to you and @nvmomketo.

You both still have an emotional / psychological connection to the foods you eat. This is also heavily pushed by the mainstream, that food has to look ‘pretty’, that food / desserts can be a reward mechanism, that it’s ok to have desserts often, and so on.

IMO, going Carnivore means giving up eating as a pleasure activity, and instead view it simply as fuel replenishment for your body.

Food is not Reward
Food is fuel

It’s mindset I made peace with when committing on this path


Ha ha…that’s what I felt too. How will I be able to eat my meals without something colorful on my plate, veggies or some avocados? I’ve been reading about carnivore for a while but didn’t had the guts to start. Well…I am now on my 3rd week and feeling fine. I just woke up one day and said I will try a few meals without plants. And went from there. Sometimes is boring but I mix my meats and eggs in the same meal. And try new meats and organs. Still early days but I feel great, mood, energy, digestion, sleep all have improved. Instagram carnivorous accounts have been an inspiration/motivation to be honest.


This. The mental switch.