You cannot get vit A toxicity from food/liver?


I still can’t eat chicken liver fried only for 20 minutes, it’s too raw for me :slight_smile: 30 minutes is the thing, it’s lovely and tender that way :slight_smile:
I honestly don’t remember the pig liver but it surely was at least 20 minutes too. And it was tender, how? I only ate somewhat hard pig livers before! This one was soft even when cold… Oh well, it was really good!

The taste itself only changes if I fry it to a charcoal, for my tastebuds. And of course, it must be different when raw but I don’t taste it until it isn’t fully cooked/fried…

And obviously there are factors when making the liver anyway. I fry whole chicken livers on an induction cooker at… No idea, first 100W and then 500W? :smiley: And not submerged in fat (I only use a little added fat) but with a lid.

If I overfry it, it gets a bit harder and I prefer it soft, at least chicken liver. Duck liver is amazing cold and hard, I ate that as a kid.


Yes, it is possible, however, the vast majority of hypervitaminosis A is from overdosing on vA supplements.


Hi Shinita, I seem to remember it was pork liver. And that’s funny really because I love pork. But I remember my mom cooking it for hours in the oven, not lightly fry it in the pan. It was to make a snack for our dog. I believe the liver turned quite hard. It’s possible had she fried it in the pan to make a meal instead of a dog snack, it might have smelled better. Perhaps I’ll try pork and chicken liver once, I am curious.



Oh maybe it was some hard dry snack for the dog and if the dog liked it, it’s okay I suppose :smiley:
The dog surely would like it without all that time but if it was for chewing it for long…

I won’t try to cook liver for hours in the oven, no idea if it would smell though I never ever had bad smell from a good food item until I got a seriously burnt smell… So I chalk it up to human differences. Or maybe that liver wasn’t like the liver I buy, who knows? Or the oven had some old organic matter inside…

You aren’t the first one being like this with organ meat I met… It’s so strange to me though. I grew up eating liver, of course but if you are curious, why not to try it? It’s easy and it’s obviously a food to eat, so many of us do it :smiley: No one forces you to eat it all if you don’t like :slight_smile: And there are methods against the strong flavor, I always write about mixing it with meat, that helped me when I found my chicken liver too strong flavored… I do like the liver flavor but sometimes I want a bit less of it. Originally sweet onions helped with the bitterness and they diluted the flavor a bit too, of course there were side dishes too… But I still eat it with eggs quite often… Or some other meat… Just fried chicken liver all alone, I accept that may be an acquired taste or not even that for many :wink:
Oh and if you dislike it, it doesn’t mean you dislike all liver. It’s the organ (among the few I actually eat) that has the biggest variety among species according to my tastebuds and other senses. And the specimen may matter too, I tried to cook pork liver 2 times and I disliked it once and very much liked the other time. (Maybe I did something different too but to that extent?!) Similar with beef liver but I liked it first and not so much for the second time.

Not that funny, I dislike even certain cuts and love other cuts :smiley: I probably could eat all though. I just don’t even try it with the leanest ones… Organs are another world and liver is very unique! No wonder that we react differently to their smell too.

If you are hesitant with organs in general, try something else instead. I consider heart safer :slight_smile: Chewy but that’s part of the charm :slight_smile: And tongues are the best. I have 4 now (pork), freshly cooked (well more than 5 hours ago but it took its sweet time to cool down, I should put it into the freezer now, good I remembered). One can even choose which part they want to taste first, the lean tip or the wonderfully fatty back part :slight_smile: I share it with my SO, he likes leaner meat, I like fattier meat (our tastes interlap), it works wonderfully…

Oh, organs. Wonderful things. My life would be so much poorer without them. I just wish I could get blood :frowning: That’s tasty! And toxic in bigger amounts but I don’t know why, I just met this info a few times.
I ate fried blood only once in the last decades… :frowning: I LOVED the stuff as a kid. With onions.
And while the meals happened decades apart, I think chicken and rabbit blood are similar. Never tasted any other kind (except my own, raw, obviously but raw blood is another thing entirely, not so tempting for me).

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Frankie is a nutjob who now went regular food and worries about radiation constantly. I buy meat from him because he actually sells quality stuff and some harder-to-find items, but I wouldn’t trust his youtube for anything. He is going through a “carnivore detox” now to fix himself of vitamin toxicity supposedly


I may have spoken too soon.

I was ok until about midnight yesterday. Then headache & elevated body temperature again.

Woke up this morning with eye issues. Eyes were continuously watery/burny & very sensitive to light. Very difficult to look at screens without averting my eyes Head feels a bit like what I can only describe as “light,airy but also a burny”.

I don’t know. It’s definitely all a bit weird. Could also be a passing infection or an allergic reaction.

Next month when, hopefully, I am no longer with these symptoms. I’ll do an n=1 with liver again. If the symptoms repeat then I’ll know for sure it’s the liver.

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@JustMo Sorry you are not feeling that great. Here is a link with a quote to help educate. The net scoop is one ounce of beef liver has 8881 IU of vitamin A (RDA is 3000 IU) and is considered safe for months of daily intake. One 2 ounce piece will not produce vitamin A toxicity in humans barring some kind of rare disorder.

"In any event, vitamin A is used not only for the treatment of xerophthalmia (4), but also for that of hypogonadism (5) and abnormal dark adaptation (5, 6). The amounts ad- ministered, which ranged from 10,000 IU per day for up to 5 months to 50,000 IU per day for 1 week, are consid- ered safe because no adverse effects have been reported in normal individuals with these dosages. Vitamin A treatment has also been advocated for the therapy of patients with biliary cirrhosis (25,000 to 50,000 IU per day) (7) and chronic ileitis (100,000 IU per day up to 14 months) (8) without apparent untoward effects. More- over, the vitamin is used therapeutically for a variety of dermatologic conditions (9), and some investigators have suggested a role for the vitamin in both cancer therapy and prevention (10). These latter developments have been reported in the lay press and undoubtedly influence many individuals to use vitamin A supplements. Medi- cally unsupervised use of retinoids is now becoming increasingly popular: vitamin A preparations containing 25,000 IU are widely available in health food stores. "

Having said this, eating a pound of beef liver a day for years, can actually get you there (Darwin award maybe?)


@Naghite Thanks, I hear you. I’ve been eating beef liver since I was young, maybe a few times a year. So I think I’d have picked up on any rare disorders related to that by now (unless recently developed of course).

I am still leaning towards an infection of some sort coinciding with the time I ate the liver. When I make the dish again next month, I’ll be able to confirm (or disprove) this theory.


I’ll stick with lambs’ liver…purely for the taste, availabilty and affordability (where I come from)!

Once a week won’t break my body.


I usually do about this amount of liver…once a week.
I feel great after it. I’d say it was the lambs’ liver liver rather than the onions, mushrooms or peppers.


Liver cooking times?

3 minutes each side, even if that. Yum. :slight_smile:

I was going to do an organ joke there; but refrained in rememberance of these woke times we live in.

But yeah, I get what you mean.

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What’s wrong with organ jokes. I speak as a retired organist, actually.

Did you hear the one about the pipe organ who walks into a bar, and the bartender says, “Be right with you. Just give me a minute to get organised”?


Literally laughing out loud here mate!


My organ jokes are too rude, sir, for this site anyway.