Yellow on hands - like highlighter, except it’s not


(Lesli Ross) #1

I’ve been getting yellow spots on my hands, like I marked the contact spots with highlighter. I thought it was my old phone case, so I bought a new one. Didn’t help. The only other thing I can think of, is possibly keto related? I ate keto the last two days, after being on and off of it. Super high fat yesterday, probably too much, since I pooped a ton and it was the green “high fat” poop. Anyone else experience stuff like that??? I am also on hypothyroid meds, but I have been for a while, and the yellow has been happening for about 1.5 months.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #2

After only two days of keto? I strongly doubt it. It’s weird, I grant you, but I don’t believe it’s a concern.

I vaguely recall experiencing something like this, but I have no memory of whether I knew what caused it or if I even worried about it. I actually don’t think it’s anything to worry about, unless it spreads, in which case you might want to consult a physician.

(Lesli Ross) #3

Sorry - I should have been more clear. I ate strict Keto from Jan-Mar and since then, I’ve been eating mostly keto, with the exception of birthday parties and anniversaries. We recently moved, and it’s been quite a bit harder to stick to keto while living in an RV. But, I’ve been eating keto for the past 9 months or so, basically.


I googled ‘yellow spots on hands’ and geez louise, it can be nothing to a gazillion ‘signs’ of things.

Any other troubles like being sick?

I hit diabetes can do this, jaundice can do it, heck eating too many carrots and discoloring the skin can do this and a ton more.

If very troubling to you, you might want to make an appt and go check it?

You know I think I had something like this long long ago and like Paul I swear I think it went down like your palm, and I know I did nothing about it and gone so??? Sorry I just don’t have any more good thoughts to help at this point :slight_smile: Wishing it goes away for you fast but the internet said if over 3 weeks and not disappearing an appt might be the next way to go. Best of luck and maybe someone who had this currently or knows will chime in!!

(Lesli Ross) #5

So! It ended up being my turmeric supplements, lol. I stayed away from them until my hands were clean, then took them again, being diligent on how I handled them. They were totally the culprit!

(Laurie) #6

Wow, thanks for letting us know!



yea my friend from long ago started turning orange literally in that she ate friggin’ carrots all the time, like they were going out of style and to see that was amazing…took a long time for that but in the end she quit the carrots which were like life blood to her and she returned back to normal skin color…crazy stuff one comes across in life truly.

glad all is fine!!

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #8

I’ve heard of turning orange from too many carrots. Yellow from turmeric is a new one on me! I’m glad you figured it out!


My mother in law got this from eating too many papayas. Her palms especially were very yellow. She was also fainting from the sugar crash. She was scared, it looked pretty bad, turning yellow and fainting! She went to the doctor and they were like…stop eating so many papayas lol!

(Miriam Zerr) #10

Omg, finally a person with the yellow dots, I am not on keto but I do take synthroid I have no idea what this is. I do not have juandice and I do not eat carrots

(Dee Hebert) #11

Thank you So Much for sharing this. I was so nervous an concerned about what this could be for me because it has been off and on. But I have recently started taking a supplement that is heavily turmeric and I havent been super consistent with taking it. I was concerned that it was something super serious so this really helped ease my mind and anxiety.

(Мартин Перчинков) #12

I had no idea why does my hand have yellow spots, so I guess it’s the D3 vitamins I take, right? Lol, thank you everyone!

(Reagan Haehl) #13

I found this on me to day except I have it on the back of one hand and both of my forearms. so I’m glad it wasn’t anything serious for you, but I haven’t changed my eating habits and somehow they still appeared.