Y’all gotta check out this satire on our (US) healthcare system

(Geoffrey) #1

Great video from the comedian JP Sears.

(KM) #2

That was great, thank you! Pretty much the exact sub-rosa grumbling going on in my own head.

Should I be looking into EE healing systems? Never heard of this before.


I love this guy and have enjoyed many of his satirical videos. :joy: But I have to admit when it hit the plug for the EE system I just stopped watching. I was about to share the video elsewhere but chose not to because of the advertising at the end. I’m tired of advertising some “new system” or discovery, or health product. There is just too much of that and not enough encouragement to really overcome the mental blocks we have to learn about the food we eat and other, non-financial ways to take control of the health of our bodies. Maybe this EE system is something good snd positive, and maybe it’s not a hokey “snake-oil” option, but because of how oversaturated the airways are with useless external products to buy it’s going to fall on deaf ears for me. Might not be fair, but I would have been more receptive if the ending of the video emphasized all the smart things you can do for free to improve and protect your health, and just mentioned “a link below” about a helpful tool that you might want to consider - then we can choose to go watch it. But the whole ending being an advertising plug prohibited me from sharing the video. :woozy_face: But maybe this system is highly valuable. I’ll consider learning about it. Just wish it was separate from the satirical video.

(Geoffrey) #4

Oh I’m 100% with you there. I always skip his commercials. There may or may not be any benefit to what he uses but it doesn’t matter to me simply because I couldn’t afford any of it even if it was beneficial. :grin: