Xmas and other dieting relatives


So, my sister-in-law is on WeightWatchers. Counting points and all that. Anyway, she was describing how they recommend eating something fatty. Take a small bite and smear it on your gums.
I said, " You know what I do? I eat as much as I please and savor every bite."
I felt so sad for her, because she had been saving her points all week to enjoy the Prime Rib I cooked (sous vide). I even lost weight during Christmas, eating delicious food.


The Oprah commercials on TV these last few weeks (marketing the WW diet program) clearly stated that they get to enjoy all their favorite foods, and still lose weight. Did not know it involved smearing tasty fats on the gums…doesn’t sound very appealing or enjoyable to me.

I too feel sorry for people who believe it and follow that advice. Why suffer like that?


I have a friend doing WW and she seems to like it, so I don’t judge. It is a nightmare coming up with meals that can fit both our WOE’s for dinner parties! She’s also a vegetarian, so it’s just impossible.


We had a vegan at the dinner. Nothing for him except green beans. Damn, that Prime Rib was so good :slight_smile:

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One of the grain fed ones? Very tasty! How was he cooked?

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I feel your pain. We have a couple friends that are Vegan and its near impossible to catch up with them over a meal.

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I’ve done Weight Watchers before and I think the gums thing may be her leader or someone in her meeting doing that and not the “official” WW stance.

That being said, I knew I could eat whatever I wanted, but what they don’t say is if you eat bacon, you can eat one slice, count the points, and go on. But who eats one piece of bacon? I think fancy schmancy food people call that an amuse bouche.

On this WOE, I can have bacon and eggs for breakfast and not have to live on raw veggies for the rest of the day because I used up most of my points on the first meal of the day.

(Larry Lustig) #8

I do. One very, very big piece.

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I thought of similar response but yours was much funnier than anything I would have come up with.