Wow ! What a morning ! :O


Pfft. I whip my cream the old fashioned way. It gives my arm a workout and burns approximately 2.4365 calories. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #42

You can get almost as much exercise shaking up the can, you know . . . :grin:

(Just saying. . . . )

(Chris Wolfgram) #43

{Edit: I’m such a goof… this thread had gotten so long, and had swung all over the place, I didn’t realize, that you already heard the story, or replying directly to it… But easier to just preface it, than to change it}

Hey Katie, reading the first couple sentences in your fairly long post gave me an instant flash back :grinning: lol

First off, telling me this is SO preaching to the choir. I couldn’t agree more.

So a couple of days ago, I went off on a little bit of a rant with your same tone, on a FB Keto page… And that whole place just exploded on me ! I litterally got 200 replies in 2 hrs, about 190 of which accused me of everything just short of killing babies ! Telling me to go away. They didn’t want to hear me. Tons of foul language, wishing I would die, etc, etc, etc !

Interestingly, of the 10 or so who agreed with everything I said, most had been quite successful. In fact, one lady who agreed with everything I said (and in a nutshell, said she didn’t want, or need any excuses) had lost over 120lbs, and turned her whole life around with keto !
Of course I gave her, and all of those few supporters, a very kind and positive response, even knowing that that thread would be deleted by the mods… And it was after about 2 hrs.
Oh well. I also knew in the first hour of mostly negative responses that I’d never go back there anyway.

At least here, the ‘falling off the wagon’ subject (and alcohol) have their own section, so I just stay clear of those sections :grinning: lol

Like you, for me, that just doesn’t compute…

(Heath Braunstein) #44

Wife and I have been rather strict Keto and daily IF since late November - if we “cheat” it’s still with keto friendly desserts (she makes amazing biscotti and bars with almond flour) - results have been dramatic for both of us - I lost 65 lbs and have been at my goal weight for the past four months - pic is from last Summer to last week.

(Chris Wolfgram) #45

Great job !!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Even what you called a possible cheat, is not a cheat by my definition. If it’s Keto, it’s not a big deal.
I mean, I get what your saying… I’ve been doing the 16:8 fast… And if I eat even a bite during my 16 hr fast, id call that a cheat… But it still wouldn’t be carbs that I cheat with :slightly_smiling_face:
Continued success and good health to you :slightly_smiling_face: