Wow ! What a morning ! :O

(Chris Wolfgram) #1

For starters let me just say, this forum has a fantastic setup, with separate sections for cheat meals / days, and alcohol ! :slight_smile: Because that’s two things I just cant even stay reasonable about :slight_smile: lol SO much easier that I don’t have to even see any of the posting titles in those sections, as Id only get myself into trouble :smiley:
So, I had been going to one particular FB page, and it started out really well. My first post was one of my gigantic burgers, on Keto bread, and it got like 50 likes and a dozen replies.
But the more time I spent there, it felt like as many as half the replies were people constantly talking about cheat meals, cheat days, and falling off the Keto wagon ??? I know that this happens, but that’s just not where I’m at. I’m in this FTW !
I want to here from people who are doing it right, and succeeding at Keto !

So I basically said in a post, that those folks trying to bounce around and eat a little of this carb food, here and there, or cheat days or whatever, and then looking for approval, were on a slippery slope. And I truly believe that most of them are destined to failure. And Boom ! Chit hit the fan :slight_smile: lol
That post literally got more than 200 replies in less than 2 hrs, before the moderator removed it. About one out of every 20 completely agreed with me. The other 180 started a huge wolf pack, accusing me of pretty much everything but killing babies :slight_smile: lol I told them, Wow ! The truth must be really scary ! :slight_smile: lol

Anyway, I hope things continue to go well for me here, but rest assured, I will be a hard core Ketoer if nobody else hears about it !

Thanks again to all the helpful, friendly Ketoers here.

(Susan) #2

Chris: I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, but there is a section on the forum called Accountability. Many of us have made our own threads on there. Just a suggestion, but instead of making new posts all the time, you could make an accountability thread and talk about everything on there =). I just thought I would tell you about it in case you didn’t know about it =).

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #3

@Momof5 Nothing wrong with either approach; we don’t particularly care. But an accountability thread doesn’t always have to be so strictly keto-related Since it generally involves life issues that interfere with eating this way, we tend to give such a thread a bit more latitude.

@FishChris Since these forums were started precisely because of the sort of stuff you describe, Chris, I’m glad to hear we’re handling things better. For what it’s worth, as a sugar/carb addict, I tend to agree with you about the slippery slope. But then again, some people can eat a moderate amount of carbohydrate; I can’t. It doesn’t matter what they do, as long as I eat safely.

(hottie turned hag) #4

Folks want “attaboys” not reality.

(John) #5

I got pounced on in a thread here for making a similar observation a while back. So be careful what observations you make about the behaviors of others, even if true.

I could say “about half the people here wear blue clothing at some point in their lives” someone might pop up and indignantly say “Well I never do!” - Ok, you are in the OTHER half then, so my statement is still true. “Yes, but you implied I might be a blue-wearer!!” I said nothing of the sort, I don’t know anything about you or your clothing. It was a general statement. “Well, I don’t want to have anything to do with you and your blue-clothes-accusations.”

So just better to sit back and not comment.

(Chris Wolfgram) #6

Yes, I’ve seen that section… Might use it in the future, but feeling pretty comfortable as is.
Yes ! I’m right there with you being a carb addict ! And those posts about moderation are never helpful, and could be downright disasterous if I paid any attention to them !

(Chris Wolfgram) #7

Thank you John. I just hope everyone here will see that I am a good guy, and mean totally well, even if I am completely extreme and over the top with anything I ever get into, including Keto.

(Susan) #8

You are a nice man with lots of love for your girlfriend, and Keto, I have enjoyed watching your progress and success =). I only told you about the accountability to put it all in one place and talk about everything if you wanted, not be be bossy or telling you what to do at all, I hope you know that =).

(Chris Wolfgram) #9

Well thank you. As one would have looked at that other thread and thought I must be a serial killer ! :grin: lol
But even so, I pretty much only replied to the handful of people who were positive about my post, with positive responses.

(Susan) #10

I thought I have replied to most of your threads; except not the sous vides ones as I don’t know anything about that stuff and probably won’t ever have one, but I cannot think which post it is.

(Chris Wolfgram) #11

About the Souse Vide, is it that your just not that interested in red meat ??? Because I’ll tell you, it’s just so easy, and fool proof !
Have you watched any of the vids on the Souse Vide Everything YouTube channel ? Fun, and very informative :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway, I have those 3 big fat Ribeyes in the Souse Vide machine right now :slightly_smiling_face:
Can’t wait to hit them with my new searing torch… Then with Brocolli and parmesan ! :slightly_smiling_face: Mmmm…

(hottie turned hag) #12

^^^^^^ me when folks annoy me

(Chris Wolfgram) #13

:grin: lol

Like I told my GF if someone should try to break in when I wasn’t here, she should fire them :grinning: lol

(John) #14

He is referring to his post on FaceBook where he got the negative comments, not here.

(Gemma) #15

Hey Chris, really interested to hear what souse vide is? I’ve never heard of it until this forum

Scratch that I’ve just had a look, it seems an amazing way to cook. We might have to invest

(Susan) #16

My husband is not meant to eat much red meat, and I have never really been big into steak at all. Our finances are quite tight at the moment, and with his surgery coming up, he’ll lose a month off work with no pay, so not really an extra expense we can afford for now atleast.

I am happy for all the people that have them and are enjoying them, though, that is great =). We have a good barbecue, and use that a lot in the good weather months. Weather wise we don’t really use it even from November-March due to the snow, cold, etc. I think with you living in California, and you can use it 12 months of the year and you love red meat, that it is ideal for you though =).

I hope you have a nice dinner and visit with your girlfriend’s kids and enjoy your meal, I am sure it will be great =-).

(Susan) #17

Oh okay, thanks for clarifying =).

(Chris Wolfgram) #18

Okay, I understand. At least for the equipment.
But next I’m doing a really cheap bottom round roast, for like 40-60 hours, and try to make it so tender it melts in my mouth :slightly_smiling_face:
Very cost effective :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, you can do super juicy, tender pulled pork, which might be better for your husband ?

(Susan) #19

Later on it might be something I would look into =). I have nothing against them at all, not being critical. We are eating a lot of fish, and boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and sausages, and burgers from Costco on the weekends, etc. I have 2 Turkeys in the freezer at the moment as well, and a few roasts (but they will all be cooked in the fall when the weather isn’t so hot. We have central air in the house, but everyone still complains if I have the oven on for long. My kids are mostly vegetarian and my son and his wife that just moved to Nova Scotia with their 2 year old are mostly Vegan (which started from my grandson’s allergies to dairy, eggs, and gluten, and wheat) and they both lost over 50 pounds, and did IF and Fasts on it as well. So they are supportive of me, but don’t live here now. The three girls (one is only temporarily here, because she moved back to the city with her boyfriend, he is at his parents at the moment too, and they are buying a house so will be moving out soon) eat vegetables, smoothies and Carbage like nachos, french fries, etc. the most. My 3 year old grand daughter eats a combination of Keto and some other foods.

(Art ) #20

I used to work for a mid size company and do communications and strategy. One of the things I realized early on is that people are often looking for ‘permission’ to be angry, offended, or irresponsible.

‘Permission’ comes pretty easy for most people. “I see someone eating Redi-Whip and still being on Keto” so they eat some whipped cream. “I see someone taking Oreo thins, scraping the filling off and just eating the two cookie parts” so they do that. They have the loser self dialogue -
“If 1 doesn’t hurt… OK well I suppose I’ll eat 3… make it 4.” And by the end of the day, the sugar and carbs that snuck in with their valid Keto diet and those they seeked permission for adds up to a lost day and failure. For many lost weeks, months and years.

Some do this day after day after day. Spending all of their time on the internet looking for cheats, excuses and permissions.

And then we have the kumbaya types that repeatedly message “we’re all individuals with specific needs and differences… blah blah blah” and while that’s true to some degree (it’s why lab tests have ranges), there are definite limits to the ranges for every parameter. The metabolic math works nearly the same for everyone.

And when someone comes in looking for permission, this kind of snowflake messaging is all they need to have an excuse to abandon discipline and eat a massive amount of calories and do little to no activity/exercise.

And they go off seeking approval and validation for their “i’m different and have a slow or fast metabolism” or what one Dr. says vs another. It’s the interwebs - they will find it whether it’s permission to eat scraped Oreos or man never walked on the moon.

Accountability forums aren’t needed. Everyone here already has the best accountability tools in their homes already. The bathroom mirror and the bathroom scale,