Wow...the costs are climbing!

(Diane E Matters) #21

I shop Aldi to keep my food budget on track. I suppose many of us have had to adjust our keto foods as prices change. I know I feel old hat at this adjusting thing. I like beef. I like chicken. More times than not I go months eating beef before there is a chicken sale ( I only buy Aldi’s Not Any brand for poultry). I get their once a month sale of grass-fed ground beef ($4.50 ppd) and stock up. Egg prices at Aldi beats Walmart prices ( where I live) so I eat eggs for protein as a change from my beef eating. Vegetable buying there has also been reasonable. I worry, as you do Katiekate, how drastic and how quick the food prices are going to go up. It is just a matter of time and has not hit us yet.

(Katie) #22

I wish there was an Aldi anywhere near.
Every so often I would have someone tell me about them. But, they are not in the small towns out here in the west. Just like Costco…the lengthy drive would wipe out any savings

I just did a big purchase of shelf stable meals. The cost is still more or less affordable (as long as you avoid any place making the claim that it is survival food). The best part of doing online orders is that UPS will deliver to the little trading post so I have a much shorter drive.

(Diane E Matters) #23

Wow, you sound rural just by how UPS is delivered. You also sound ‘shopper savvy’. EVERYONE will end up having to be soon enough. A friend of mine that owns a dairy farm outside of the small city I live in ( 12k, give or take) keeps me abreast of the deteriorating small farm owner numbers in my county. Big farms will have their monopoly soon enough. We will then see price fixing and all that goes along with it. Sadly, this is becoming world wide, not just the US of A…