Wound Healing


Anyone know about wound healing while in Ketosis? I’m having an elective procedure in February and I wonder about the impact of ketosis on dermal wound healing.

(Karen Fricke) #2

Healing should be fine as long as you are getting reasonable protein and calories. The stress of surgery may kick you out of ketosis temporarily, but keep eating keto anyway.

(Richard Morris) #3

My wound healing is depressed because of the years I spent diabetic has cause micro-vascular damage. I am slowly getting better blood supply to my extremities after 3 years in ketosis. But this is one of the things I expect will take decades to turn around.

(Bart) #4

Last May I had shoulder surgery to repair my AC joint. While I as being prepped in pre-op the nurse walked up to the surgeon and said something along the lines of, “Doctor, he is producing ketones”. I guess they tested for them in the urine test they made me take the day before. I told them I was on a ketogenic diet, and they continued on with their prep to cut me open. I stayed in ketosis during my entire recovery and everything was fine. I tested my ketones several days after the procedure and was still in NK. I wish I would have tested them sooner since I have no idea what sort of fluids they pumped into me during the procedure, may have just been saline.