Would Keto WOE triggers Vitiligo?

(Chih) #1

I have been on Keto for 8 months, and lately, I have found patches of skin color changes. The dermatologist told me I have mild vitiligo. I did go for my blood test and everything came out normal. Can Keto way of eating triggers it?

(jay) #2

You are the first person I’ve ever heard bring this up. Though your question led me to the very interesting study below, if you havent seen this one, it might be a good place to start.

(Chih) #3

Thanks, Jay!
I am currently boosting up my Vitamin D and C intake hoping it will slow down the vitiligo. I haven’t heard much about the Pc-kus, thanks for sharing.


Hello. Any updates on your vitiligo? I’ve been keto for about 1.5 years but just noticed small white spots on my arm, let, and now my face.

I am concerned to say the least. Thanks ahead.

(Chih) #5

Hi AT, I don’t think my condition has gotten worse. I went to see a dermatologist, but they don’t really know why. I am still on Keto, but I continue taking vitamins and eating more green veggies. I know my body always lack D vitamin, not sure if this is the caused.
Sorry, not much of help here.


(Betsy) #6

Do you mind if I ask if you eat dairy?

And how much vitamin c are you taking?

(Chih) #7

Hi Betsy, yes I do eat dairy. I took 1000mg C a day plus D vitamin.

(Betsy) #8

Thank you, I just like to take notes on different conditions and what people eat.

That’s good that you found out about the vitamins c and d.


Hi, I’ve had vitiligo for around 15 years now, started around the age of 20. My patches have been slowly spreading but I was amazed when I saw little spots of re-pigmentation on my hips after starting keto in January. So there is hope, I’ll keep you updated. Btw, I surprisingly like my vitiligo patches - I call them my ‘summer camouflage’ and they have never restricted me in anything. Confidence and beauty comes from within

(Rsalas) #10

I’m new to Keto. Just started January 10th 2019. Within a couple weeks I started seeing white hairs growing from one of my eyebrows. Then this morning on that same eyebrow I see the skin around it starting to lighten up. I don’t know what to do. I have an appointment to see my dermatologist this week. Only supplements I’m taking are vitamine D. Anything else I should take? Any update on your vitiligo?


Hard to say. I have had vitiligo since my early 20’s so almost 20 years now. It seems to have been partially due to genetics (both my brother and I have it) and perhaps due to very high carb diet in my childhood and teens.
I’ve actually noticed my vitiligo improved when I started keto, there were some re-pigmentation spots appearing on my hips.
However, keto just like any new diet or any new changes in general can potentially put body under some stress until hormones balance out. Stress is a known trigger for many autoimmune conditions.
Alternatively, it may be just coincidental.

(Y K) #12

I am having similar issues…diagnosed with high sugar…went on keto and then developed white spots…

How is your situation. Please let me know

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Welcome to the forums!

Since we haven’t seen the original poster in five years, your chances of a reply seem slim. However, other forum members may have experiences or knowledge to share.

Vitiligo can be disconcerting, but it is benign. It may have something to do with the change in your diet, or it may be completely unrelated, and just happened to coincide with your beginning keto.

(Y K) #14

I am low on Vitamin D