(Jessica) #1

Hi all. I’ve been loving this way of life for about 9 months. I started and didn’t lose much weight for 2 months, bouncing around the same 8 pounds. At the 2 month mark, the weight starting to come off. I then had a 2 month stall with no pounds lost, but dropped from a 14 to a 10 over that period. Super thrilled! I weigh in every 2 weeks and always seem to lose about 3/4 pounds over that period now. The problem? I’m losing more weight now and not slowly. I’m only about 25 pounds from my goal, and seem to be losing 7/8 pounds every 2 weeks. This would normally make me happy, but I am educated enough to know that rapid weight loss isn’t always a good thing, especially when it breaks a pattern I’ve followed pretty consistently for a while. My macros are accurate, and I have t changed anything. I’ve always been moderately active, walking daily and using my elliptical 4/5 times a week.
I’m between an 8 and a 6 now. Started at an 18/20.
Should I be worried or concerned or does this happen sometime (I know it happens for some people in the beginning but what about when we are getting closer to our goal?)

(Eric) #2

Are you losing 7 to 8 pounds a week or 7/8th of a pound per week?

(Alex ) #3

What sort of caloric deficit are you in with your exercise, and what are you eating??

the chances are Jessica that you’re probably losing fluids, water weight, highly unlikely that your body is dispatching 7-8 pounds of body fat every week.

i have plateaus regularly, then big whoosh type drops, some weeks I can eat less calories, and workout more, and the weight goes up! Scales are just not a 100% reflection of your ketosis results.

If you’re being consistent and healthy, and don’t have any ill effects, I’d just run with it for now, if you suspect it’s anything else, go and see a Doctor for advice! :slight_smile:

(Jessica) #4

Not weekly! I only weigh every other Sunday! I’ve always averaged 3 to 4 pounds every 2 wks. Now it’s been 7 pounds one weigh in and 8 the next. I apologize. I should have been more specific :wink:

(Jessica) #5

Meaning, I lost 15.3 pounds this past month and that is a significant more than my usual pattern. :thinking:

(Jessica) #6

I track my exercise along with my macros. After the exercise is deducted, I’m around 1350 calories

(Ken) #7

Sounds like more of a water issue to me, with a “Whoosh” effect. To drop so many sizes without it showing on the scale is significant. You must been dropping fat during that time.

It sounds like now you’re very adapted.

(Mike W.) #8

Deducted from what? How many calories are you eating?

(Janelle) #9

I would be thrilled with that considering my 1lb per week rate. On the other hand, I would a be a tad concerned too if it continues past another weigh in or two.

No one here can give you medical advice but you know your own body. If something seems wrong, get yourself checked out.

(Jessica) #10

Thanks. I know no one can give me medical advice. Was just wondering if anyone shared this experience. I was content with my 1-5-2 pound a week loss. I’ve gone from 224 to 163 at 5’3” and 41. I did stop nursing my twin toddlers about a month ago so I wonder if this is somehow boosting my metabolism. (I’m one of those less fortunate women who gained a lot of weight AFTER having babies and nursing for almost 3 years now.

And by deducting my calories burned, I enter them into my app and it automatically adjusts my intake based on the calories burned on my elliptical and time/intensity :slight_smile:

(Katie) #11

I have have always heard from conventional guidance that 2-3 pounds/week is fine for weight loss. Your 7-8 pounds/2 weeks is only slightly off.

How do you feel? How are your energy levels? Hunger levels? I know that you have been having children and nursing, but can you tell if your menstruation is off (probably difficult because you recently gave birth and stopped breast feeding)? Consider these questions and if you are concerned you can ask your doctor, or maybe run it past your child’s pediatrician if he/she still has frequent visits.

(Janelle) #12

First, congrats on that awesome loss! Hopefully another mom or two will weigh in. I bet the stopping nursing has something to do with it.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #13

Just use grams[1], people!

[1] ISO measurement used in the first world

(Eric) #14