Working out harder or longer?


I agree that diet has a much higher impact on fat loss than exercise by a large margin. If I just sit around and do nothing all day (very rare), I’ll burn 2,000 kcal. If I have my most intense weight day, roughly 45 mins (including rest periods), I burn around 500 kcal (according to FitBit).

I’ve seen excellent results with following a keto WOE and until recently, was doing IF and EFs. Just trying to give myself an edge.

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@Mavro Sounds like you’re actually doing great! Kudos for taking such good care of yourself.

… FWIW, I’d give more credibility to my daily horoscope for reliable caloric guidance than I would a fitbit. But that’s another topic :roll_eyes:

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It’s important to remember that daily intake and expenditure don’t generally match very well, but the match is extremely precise over seven or eight days, when people eat ad libitum.

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At the risk of going off the deep end here…

  • Nutrition drives health and metabolism - not calories per se.

  • The “calorie” construct provides little (if any) meaningful information.

  • Fitbits (and related calorie counters) are essentially useless in tracking caloric info.

  • As such, they provide useless info on a metric that is meaningless from the outset.

  • At least horoscopes are amusing. :cancer:

p.s. - Exercise, done thoughtfully, is an outstanding way to maintain/increase one’s overall health. For weight loss, not so much.

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@isaaccolem Welcome to the forum! Great to hear you’ve got a hybrid strength training regime established. To good health! :vulcan_salute:


Welcome Issac! Something to be said about Slow Burn workouts.

I recently changed up my routine to the Body By Science routine which incorporates the big 5 exercises concentrating on getting to failure around the 90 second mark.

It was weird not working out every 2nd day and now waiting for a week to pass by before going at it again.


It’s absolutely not! Pre Workout dextrose is about workout energy, not glycogen replenishment, 10-20g wouldn’t fully reload the liver, let alone allow muscle to start getting theirs, that’s why people do re feeds and CKD. An insulin spike will absolutely help with nutrient uptake, that’s literally one of insulin’s jobs in our bodies.

Also, for pre-workout, Dextrose is absolutely the best way, the whole idea is to have energy from it right then and have it burned off by workouts end, you can’t do that when your body is busy digesting a food carbohydrate source.


Re-read the OP! He was practicing post-workout glycogen replenishment. I’m fully aware of the difference between post and pre-workout carbs, aka the targeted ketogenic diet, which I personally ran for a long period.

As for dextrose, I stick by my comments. Highly branched cyclic dextrin is a superior source.

Effects of ingesting highly branched cyclic dextrin during endurance exercise on rating of perceived exertion and blood components associated with energy metabolism - PubMed (

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I lift heavy, slowly. I’m in the gym 3 sometimes 4 days a week for about 30-45 minutes total. That’s all that I feel I need.
I do two workouts, for body weight training. One where I attempt to do as many reps to failure as I can, so those are “fast” reps. The second, I try to do three reps, each with 10 seconds down and 10 seconds up. The aka “Slow Burn” type of movement.