Words at a funeral



(Mike W.) #2

“I do CrossFit”

(Joey) #3

“I use Arch Linux.” (A common meme of mockery in the Linux world :wink: )

(Robin) #4

this is great!
Although, it could also say I’m keto and would be just as funny.


Only if you’re a newb that can’t figure out Ubuntu…


(Joey) #6


[Did I mention that I use i3 tiling manager?]


“I told you we should have got the Doctor”


Ahahahaha, more patience than I have!

(Joey) #9

Au contraire, mon ami! Life’s faster when you rarely reach for a mouse.

In keeping with the spirit of this thread: Death to Carpel Tunnel!




Choosing the right words for a funeral can feel daunting. When my aunt passed away, I struggled to find the right balance of heartfelt and comforting. I found some helpful guidance on crafting eulogies and speeches on https://newrestfunerals.co.uk/. Remember, it’s okay to speak from the heart and share personal memories that honor your loved one’s life. Take your time, and trust that your words will bring comfort to those in attendance.

(Joey) #13

Interesting comment about needing to strike a balance … No offense, but this suggests that offering comfort would not have been heartfelt? :thinking: :wink: