Women's Style Clothing B/S/T/G

(melinda) #1

A buy/sell/trade/giveaway thread for women’s style clothing! We change shape and size so much that we’re all left with ill fitting clothes. Post your stuff!

Make sure to use caution. Make all purchases through PayPal. Make sure you know how much shipping will be because it can get high really quickly.

It’s probably best to pm people when you’re interested so you can work out the details. Try to edit your post or post again once an item has sold.


I messaged you about this. An area has been created called Trading Post. It is available from Trust Level 2 onwards. This basically means once you have been a member for 15 days or more and have been reasonably active on the forum. This should mean that only genuine people are posting ads and we don’t run into spam issues. Please wait until you can see the Trading Post area to post items for sale. They will be removed otherwise.