Woah.. I was banned on facebook.. No idea why

(John) #7

I pre-banned myself from Facebook by never joining it in the first place. No Instagram, and I have an old Twitter account I have not looked at in maybe 5 years.

Good to be a Luddite.

(April Harkness) #8

Some people have said I am too into social media… I used to never be. But the vegans are loud. WE MUST be louder. So I am.

and now I have a few vegans follow me on ig that I am noticing. One even contacted me and I think is ready to come to the “darkside”…our side. So don’t diss social media outright. This is a way for us to reach people.

And I will continue to speak loudly for the way of life that changed me and gave me my life back.


there is a ton of vegan turned meat eater on the web. they were starving and so malnourished and when that protein/fat hit their system from animals…they improved SO much in their bodies.

hey a vegan following you can be good…or very bad LOL they are a bit on the wild side sometimes LOL

Very happy you are secure in putting out the word as you see fit…if it is your thing then you be a great spokesperson for it! Cool


Love that song!

(Jack Bennett) #11

I tell you what, when I was a vegan (~10y ago) I always said that the first thing I would add back if I stopped being vegan was Paleo foods - grass-fed meat, pastured eggs, etc. And so I did…

I was (and am) interested in the optimal human diet more than animal welfare, but I figured better treatment of food animals was win-win. No sense in having unnecessary cruelty.

(April Harkness) #12

one reason why I will NEVER eat foie gras.


Congrats! Your life can only improve without that privacy invading troll pit!

(Bunny) #14

Before keto my Cholesterol and all the stuff was abnormal; after keto all normal and remains normal, that just confuses the heck out of me?

That little glycocalyx thinning or increasing thing in my footnotes below I attribute to my use of pine bark and grape seed extract not vitamin C?

After listening to a recent Ivor Cummins Podcast about lp(a) not sure that even matters anymore:

Dr. Milton Alvis Jr. MD (posted this directly on the ketogenic forum): ”…So who started all the nonsense about cholesterol being the correct issue and for what reason?
Answer: US government

Why: Money (a weak effort to reduce cardiovascular events rates, based on only a tiny portion of research published over 20 years earlier: https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/01.CIR.2.2.161 which were powerfully driving up the cost of the 3rd government mandated taxpayer funded (i.e. socialized medicine; for both votes & expanded government control) service industry in the US within ~15 years of the Medicare system becoming Federal law.

Summary, Implement the correct issues: Get a LipoScience NMR lipoprotein profile (currently LabCorp 123497), decrease LDL-P concentration (e.g. & 400 nmol/L), increase Large-HDL-P concentration (the two largest of the 5 groups of HDL particles, i.e. the ones which are working) to at least over 9 umol/L and LP-IR & 25.

Are these values normal?
No way, They are abnormally healthy. …” …More


[1] “…Indeed, loss of glycocalyx results in shedding of endogenous protective enzymes, such as extracellular SOD, and increases the oxidative stress on endothelial cells. This was further illustrated by a recent study by van den Berg et al. [123], showing a reduction in glycocalyx dimensions due to a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet. Furthermore, an inverse relation between glycocalyx thickness and intima–media ratio was found, reflecting a reduction of vasculoprotective capacity of the endothelial glycocalyx at sites with higher atherogenic risk. In healthy mice, regional variations were found showing a thinner glycocalyx in the internal carotid sinus region compared to the common carotid artery. Together, these data suggest that the endothelial glycocalyx is involved in the initiation and process [74]. …More

[2] “…After three months administration of an either mild or severe high-fat / high-cholesterol diet (HFC) to C57BL/6 and ApoE3-Leiden mice, circulating large lipoproteins appeared into the subendothelial space in an increasing proportion of cremaster capillaries, and these capillaries displayed reduced glycocalyx dimensions…” …More

[3] “…This thinner glycocalyx was associated with impaired LDL retention by the glycocalyx resulting in a two to three times increase in intimal accumulation of LDL 15 min after i.v. bolus administration: 10.8 ± 5.6 vs. 4.0 ± 1.9 × 10,000 a.u. (sinus vs. common, P & 0.05). These results indicate that impaired glycocalyx barrier properties may contribute to transendothelial leakage of atherogenic LDL at lesion prone arterial sites…” …More

[4] “…The glycocalyx thins with a high-fat, high- cholesterol diet [28]. Normal renal function depends upon an intact glycocalyx. …” …More

(Susan) #15

I am glad that you got unbanned, but wow =(. I am guessing it was some vegan that reported your posts and were annoyed, but that is awful that you would get banned for speaking your opinions when they aren’t bad things like being racist, etc. I totally understand why accounts like that would be banned, but for sharing your WOE --Not,grrr.

(Bob M) #16

I think this is totally wrong. You’ll be the female Shawn Baker, who loves to provoke vegans, and consequently they hate him. Being “loud” is meaningless. It’s arguing through a wealth of knowledge, and quiet support for what you think is right. If they spout the canard about the amount of water it takes for one pound of salad as compared to one pound of steak, you quietly point out they aren’t comparing apples to apples: one pound of salad is nutritionally meaningless, while one pound steak is not. In fact, it would not be possible for you to get the same amount of protein in one pound of steak by eating (any amount of) salad, as salad does not have a complete protein. The same could be said for the “cows causing global warming” crap they like to cite.

And you’re not going to change the most vocal ones, as they are basically crazy. You might change the minds of some of the people who follow those people, but you can’t simply be loud.

(Deborah ) #17

Same here. And I won’t touch veal.

(Karen) #18

I love this :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

(April Harkness) #19

Are u seriously equating me with Shawn Baker??when I say I’m "loud’ I do not mean confrontational. I mean I speak loud and proud on MY personal experience. Look at my Ig or my YouTube. I say nothing negative about vegans…only positive things about carnivire/keto/Omad/fasting. My battle with binge eating. My battles with zyprexa and mental illness. And the healing I received by fasting and going from lowcarb to carnivore. And you equate me with Shawn baker? Give me a break. If anything I now have alot of vegans who I notice follow me on fb, IG nd youtube -with me saying ZERO about them. So yes…I’m loud. But not in a way you accuse me of.

(April Harkness) #20

Since you equate me being “loud” like Shawn Baker. This is my loud. My typical YouTube post - https://youtu.be/IPohkZoOf2o

And my typical ig post - https://www.instagram.com/p/B4OXaeEgXIL/?igshid=ock9sv0gek4y

And my typical facebook post - https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157968325629734&id=730609733

Yup. Totally provoking vegans. In fact I have never even mentioned vegans in anything I post on my social media accounts. Carbs? Yup. Vegans . Nope.

(Todd Allen) #21

I wish I could claim original thought but I borrowed the words of Joseph Heller author of Catch-22.

(Todd Allen) #22

Perhaps we can stop hating on the vegans and learn to love them as thoughtful carnivores embracing humanitarianism. Just avoid the ones super high in PUFAs.


I didn’t know that’s where it came from. It’s a line in one of my favorite Nirvana songs and I thought that’s what you were referencing. It’s fitting either way. :laughing:


This Facebook ban is great news @April_Harkness.

It seems that our operatives have infiltrated to the control core.

They have instigated NSV protocol and wider health benefits initiative by banning people who seek healthier lives from…

We can’t go blaming our vegan cousins for doing smart things. Their mental capacity (even combined as a hive) is set to low. Best not to make any statements to provoke them. They can sting us in our ethics.


Go for it April! A leadership approach for those needing to share their success story.

(Todd Allen) #26

Gotta find a way, find a way…