Why would my metabolism slow down if I’m getting cals from fat stores?

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@Karim_Wassef your replies SLAY :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
but this Coal and Men one would slay even more with a neat, stickman cartoon accompanying

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I thought of making a little cartoon of it… but figured I’d wait to get some feedback first. Lol

Also, it isn’t perfect. There’s really three kinds of coal, etc… I think it’s “good enough” though… :joy:

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This is just conjecture based on calorie restriction experiments done using carb heavy diets. There is no reason to expect that the effects on metabolism would be the same on a diet leading to high levels of fat mobilization blocking insulin as on a diet where insulin is kept so low that mobilization of fat is stimulated. The former diet must lower metabolism since sufficient fuel for current needs cannot be obtained without catabolism of lean tissues, but the latter diet does not have that issue at all.

For all we know, and in fact what I actually would expect, a keto diet leads to less metabolic slowdown than regular fasting as long as restriction is not overdone past the body’s ability to bring sufficient fuel from fat stores to make up the deficit.

The experiences of @Karim_Wassef, Don_Quixote, and primal_peanut all support that metabolic slowdown does occur with regular fasting when real feast cycles are not interspersed to reverse that effect.

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Was curious about what your post-pradial glucose is now also? If you happen to test after eating?

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Yes, a cartoon or infographic, that would be neat!


Can I suggest other scenarios where there are different numbers of shovelers on either side? Fatter people vs thin ones, for example.

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I have to test this week after I refeed. Last one was 3/20/19.
110 - 30 min
104 - 60 min
100 - 90 min

I’m sure this will be lower. I’m planning on some ground beef for lunch with some olives and maybe one pepperoncini pepper. Maybe a small salad. I’ll try to remember to test.

Mid day my fasting BG runs 68 to 90 or so. Only one as low as 68.

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Sure. Maybe there’s more than one pile and each pile gets one shoveler. But there’s a massive army of new coal shovelers on the digestive side.


And some of them just ignore the boss because they are leaking FFA even in the presence of insulin…

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C/p below a post I just made in the May Fasting Chat thread as it is germane to this discussion; metabolic slowdown is my fear and is the subject of my thread on hunger.

Giving the eff up on the 48h for now :neutral_face: after yet another day of “nope”.
Due to my obsessiveness my new inability to go past 24h without discomfort has been my focus for…2 weeks now. Though I did it week before last, I then lapsed back into not doing it.

Reviewing all factors in play I must conclude that at this low weight/bmi/fat pct there is biochem based resistance happening. Yesterday I actually got a headache (the hunger kind) right around hour 24. This never happens.

Now dig this. I am eating A LOT. Day before yesterday I had: 20 oz bacon, two eggs and prob…6 pickle spears (almost “carnivore” has been my gig for awhile)
Yesterday, 16oz bacon, two jumbo franks, small amt sauerkraut and few pickle spears

Why the heck I need so much food at this small size and as sedentary as I am has to mean my metabolism is ramping up? But for it to do so as I decrease in size makes no sense?

So as continued failure every freaking day to stick to my 48h plan is starting to really bother me I shall abandon that plan, for the moment and see what I weigh on May 30th (next weighing day) and adjust after that. If same weight (116) I will then have to switch up again, I suppose.


I think we can see the difference between one person at 113 and another at 190 here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@carolT please expound! Seems as I shrink met slowdown should occur, not the opposite? Yet has to be speeding up or else why the increased hunger. The diminished fat stores, presumably?


Yes. That’s what I was implying.

It’s common for significant weight loss to lower TDEE soley based on not having to lug around extra weight all day, if one compares sedentary to sedentary states. But if you look at TDEE per pound, it would show a different story.
We know via anecdotal experience people become less sedentary as they lose weight and gain energy though.

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How do you identify hunger headache?

I am at hour 40, woke up with a headache and now hands and feet are cold. I was aiming for breakfast tomorrow (~58 hours) but might have to break early.

(plenty of fat to burn by the way)

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lmao inapplicable to my case :grin: I like to sit still. A lot. That def hasn’t changed.

So my system is trying to maintain fat stores is the nexus of it all. Ick as I have more flab than is needed/wanted. If I am still 116 on May 30 I shall be mad as hell.

I get no headaches normally (though have remote hx of migraines). Hunger headache is a small nagging general cephalic pain, super mild, just annoying.

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As you lose bodyfat, you need to eat more fat to keep your metabolism at the same level.


Flab is a bitch at our age. (I’m 56, post-menopaulsal) A lot of it is skin elasticity I think. Younger people seem to bounce back better.

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@carolT I am wondering how much is loose skin and how much actual fat. Deffo actual fat on legs (gnomelike stumps) and hips (peasant ancestry game strong).


Lot of supporting tissue in adipose outside the fat cells, so hard to say what’s what.

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A mile of blood vessels for every pound of fat. Sigh.