Why is the packaging so silly with ketone test strips?


Here are 50 glucose vs 50 ketone strips. Why do they only put 10 in a box that can obviously hold 50? I know it’s probably due to the cost difference, but it just seems so ridiculous.


Yes, I assume it’s because a diabetic only test keytones when his BG is above some amount… so people don’t buy that many at once normally.

(Derek I. Batting) #3

I blame Big Cardboard.


It’s even more ridic. Each box of ketone strips has 2 containers with 5 strips each. The glucose box has one container of 50. I wish I could get 1 container of 50 ketone strips!


Maybe they bought a surplus of 35mm film canisters so are trying to use them all up.

(Derek I. Batting) #6

Nailed it. Mystery solved! :joy: :thumbsup:


Do you guys think I can put all the ketone test strips in one container? Or do they go bad or something when you open them? Otherwise I have so many f’ing bottles in my bathroom drawer.

(Derek I. Batting) #8

I don’t see why you couldn’t consolidate them into one. I’m not sure about shelf life of ketone strips. Sorry.