Why can't I like anything?

(Carla) #1

I’m confused. As I understand the trust ladder, I can’t move to the next level until I like 20 things here (or is it that I get 20 likes?). But I am not allowed to like anything…

I’m an FB legacy user, invited by my BFF Brenda Z herself. Why can’t I figure out how this liking stuff is supposed to work?


Likes are precious drops of gold, and you should use them sparingly. This way they have more meaning than a like on FB.

(Richard Morris) #3

We only get so many likes in a day. The good new is the system has already promoted you to the next tier.

(Scott Shillady) #4

@richard I love the trust system. I have not encountered one troll on the forum. thank you :carl::richard:

(Carla) #5

What I’m saying, though, is that the system is not giving me the option to like anything. Has never given me that option.

(Scott Shillady) #6

@Carla there is not a like button on here, there is a heart icon under the posts that is the “like” button, are you not seeing that??

(Carla) #7

No, I am not seeing the little heart, have never seen it.

(Ellen Whitney) #8

Awww… you have no heart?!? That can’t be! :frowning:

(Scott Shillady) #9

I think @richard or @carl or @devhammer might be able to help.

(Carla) #10

Well, it is - so if that’s a glitch in the system, I’m trying to point it out.

Also, I don’t understand why my profile lists my trust level as “Basic User.” It’s not a level that’s even listed in the “trusting” faq, and anyway I should be a Novice since I was invited in.


You don’t see a little heart icon to the left of the reply link at the bottom of each message? Other than your posts… you can’t “like” yourself.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #12

@Carla How are you accessing the forums? Desktop browser, or mobile device?

I’m wondering if perhaps it’s a browser issue…sounds very unusual. Given that we’re well over 1000 users, I would think we would have run into this before. Do you see any of these buttons at the bottom of a given post?

Or is it just the heart/like button that’s missing for you?

(Richard Morris) #13

@carla isn’t seeing things - she does indeed have no :heart: button to like a post.

It took me several attempts to just to convince Discourse support, but they get it now and are on the job. She is literally the first person across their entire network of hundreds of forums that has experienced this so it may take a while to find out why this is happening and stop it happening for her (and the next person).

We’re on it and will fix it

(flyferretschef) #14

Well, just for your information, Discourse apparently fixed it by creating a new account for me. I am now called “CarlaToo” because the first account (which I don’t think I can access anymore) is still using Carla.

Maybe it’s technology karma.

(Richard Morris) #15

oh geez sorry Carla … I guess they wanted to keep that carla account to see why it was happening. In programming having a reproducible bug is gold.

(Richard Morris) #16

Oh yeah I just used an admin tool to impersonate you to look and you have hearts on the CarlaToo username. I assume when they are done working out what happened they’ll give you back carla.

BTW You won’t see the heart on your own posts - that’s by design

(flyferretschef) #17

I can roll with it. In a way, it’s kinda funny.

And yes - after I looked a little closer, I saw that other folk’s posts had hearts, so that whine was my mistake.

(Scott Shillady) #18

@richard truly is the Wizard of Oz, he helped you find you heart :heart:

(G. Andrew Duthie) #19

Keto…is there anything it can’t do…including finding obscure bugs in forum software? :smiley: