Why 16:8? what about 12:12?

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This either an unintended substitution for “tweaking” or the funniest pun on Ketogenic Forums.

(Karen Parrott) #22

HI Dan, Here are the two podcasts/youtube videos that started me on Dr. Panda’s study.

Also Ruth Patterson

Better sleep, leaner body, and probably fewer binge urges (40+ year compulsive over eater). Great tools. Free, with a minimal to moderate amount of effort. I get a lot of errands done after work, so it’s probably more gasoline and energy efficiency tool, too.

My teen might talk MORE to me while I prepare her dinner and I sit with a glass of water than when we both ate together when I ate an evening meal. She has more of my time not being in the food addiction, for sure.

Good luck!

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My first language is French sorry i am from Montreal… so no bad typing i guess

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Hey, you could’ve lied to me, I would’ve bought it. Ha!

(jilliangordona) #25

I do this too during the week. I practice OMAD, I workout after work and then eat my meal after a shower. It’s awesome!

(Brad Hoffner) #26

Sorry I am late in the game but why not use a 12:12 protocol where you can only eat in the PM hours(noon to midnight) and fast in the AM hours(midnight to noon)? I am not much of a breakfast person anyway and enjoy a couple of cups of coffee in the morning. Then, when noon hits, concentrate on Macros(lean protein, moderate fat, low carbs). I tried the idea of skipping lunch and fitting my eating window to just 4 to 6 hours but it is very uncomfortable to try and cram the amount of calories and macros in that short a period of time as I could never sleep well at night with that huge amount of food before bed. To me, spread the calories between 2 or 3 meals from noon until an hour or two before bed. Remember, you can use the WHEN to eat ideas as much as you want but fat loss still comes down to a caloric deficit where you have to eat plenty of protein, some fat and low carbs. Protein=greek yogurt, milk, protein powder. Fat=normal fat intake from the protein foods and some fish oil supplements, Carbs=fruits and veggies.
I might add, it is very important for women who are dieting to lose fat and maintain LBM to eat SOME dairy. The proteins and calcium in dairy help maintain muscle and the calcium is great for bones. If milk has too many carbs for you, concentrate on greek yogurt or cottage cheese. Fruits like blueberries and strawberries are low in carbs as are green leafy veggies. Just my humble opinion.

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One reason to use 16:8 over 12:12 is that it increases the length of time when insulin is low. But if 12:12 works for someone, they should keep doing it!