Who Is A Carnivore?

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To fix the plant to the ground?


Until you heal (might take, in increments, the whole 2nd half of a life span) and regain dietary flexibility. If healing is the goal. Not to heal so as to return to dietary mistakes of the past. But to be able to have a bite of a wedding cake. That is, the ability to feel internally comfortable with any type of food or food stuff. While that may not be essential nutritionally, it increases social cohesion. Nutritional flexibility increases social adaptability until social and cultural tectonic tradition plates shift.

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So Dr. Berg said that 3 to 6 oz is all the protein you need. He said it causes kidney problems and give you puffy eyes!

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Dr. Berg says a lot of dumb shit, doesn’t make it true.

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OMG so other then Dr. Berry (who I love and is talking about “Does a High Protein Diet cause kidney disease” on YouTube, who else is an authority on KETO? He’s awesome.

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Amber O’Hearn, Shawn Baker, Peter Ballerstedt, Primal Edge Health, Miki Ben Dor to start with.

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Jason Fung will also tell you protein is not linked to kidney disease, and he’s a kidney doc.

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Hey! thanks! I’m going to check them out also.

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Wasn’t he in the movie on Amazon Prime - FASTING?

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I love him!

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For carnivore specifically, you can’t beat Amber O’Hearn or Dr. Georgia Ede. Dr. Shawn Baker also has some good information.

For ketogenic eating more generally, Dr. Stephen Phinney, Prof. Jeff Volek, Dr. Eric Westman, Prof. Benjamin Bikman, Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz, Dr. Grant Schofield, Karyn Zinn, Dr. Gary & Belinda Fettke, Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades (in no particular order) are all people I respect and trust to provide solid information.

Low Carb Down Under puts on excellent conferences, both in Australia and the U.S., and they seem to find consistently excellent speakers. They have a YouTube channel with videos of all the presentations from each conference. They are all well worth a watch. The videos of the Ancestral Health Symposiums are also fascinating, and JumpStartMD has also put on a couple of recent conferences, the videos from which are worth watching.

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Referencing Amber’s original topic, I’m trying to get the benefits of the carnivore diet because I’m super sick. But I’m having trouble finding support because I also take medicine and supplements (also because I’m super sick). What, if any of the advice given would apply to someone who eats only meat and drinks only water, but is still under medical supervision using supplements that contain plant matter or are derived from plants?

And maybe there really isn’t a group of like minded individuals that would mutually understand these challenges. Just thought I’d ask.

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Can’t advise without specifics. Start a new thread.