White vinegar vs apple cider vinegar

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White vinegar, distilled vinegar, apple cider vinegar. Are the first two the same thing? I know ACV is different. I also don’t care for the flavor. Tastes like beer to me, not a big fan. Opposite of that one could say.

What’s the difference in benefits ? Pro and cons of the two (3?) types?

(DJ) #2

I think the main benefit of vinegar is the acetic acid component which is what lowers blood sugar, insulin, and improves insulin resistance. Dr. Fung writes about it in The Obesity Code.

Therefore it doesn’t matter, use any. I don’t like the taste of ACV (too sweet), so I sometimes put a little red wine vinegar in water.

ACV also has a little protein from the Mother…so i wonder if it’s actually better to avoid it specifically during a fast if you’re concerned about autophagy.

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I’m wondering now if my Louisiana hot sauce fits in the role then. It’s mostly vinegar, a heaping amount of salt, and some red peppers.

(DJ) #4

Yeah I started using Tabasco a lot more :grinning:
Just vinegar, peppers, salt.

I like Frank’s too.


I find balsamic too much, ACV is ok if diluted in water or other liquid, cannot use it straight. I think there is a white balsamic vinegar that I find has a milder flavor although have not bought it recently. It is not the same as plain white vinegar.


White vinegar is better for cleaning. Distilled vinegar has a higher purity and is better for cooking. It’s the manner of fermentation and the source I think that makes the difference and also the 2 have different levels of acidity with distilled lower (?).
ACV is another thing and touted to help digestive issues that come from aging, like having a lower acid profile in the stomach and so not being able to use collagen (suggesting loose skin issues and poor use of nutrients).
I would skip the white and also skip the balsamic (due to sugar content).

(Adam Kirby) #7

How much hot sauce corresponds to a tablespoon with of vinegar?

(DJ) #8

Balsamic vinegar has a lot of carbs in it.

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Seeing as 99% of the liquid is probably vinegar with whatever liquid comes from the red peppers. They aren’t known for their water content.

(barrytspencer) #10

The hot sauce has the vinegar boiled though?

I thought the benefit of ACV is the fermentation process to form health-promoting probiotics and enzymes

(Michael ) #11

No probiotics in vinegar. Eat sauerkraut or kimchi

(Michael ) #12

My main reason to drink ACV is for acid reflux. I woke up last night with it and 2 tbsp acv in warm water and reflux gone in 5 minutes. Slept great afterwards. I get reflux a lot when fasting and the vinegar is greay

(Adam Kirby) #13

The reason for ACV is that it allegedly controls blood sugar not unlike metformin.

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I eat a lot of kimchi. It’s a staple in this house.

(Michael ) #15

I have trouble finding the right ingredients in South Dakota so i just make spicy sauerkraut and eat at least daily

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