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(Ivy) #1

Where can I find a database that has the correct macros for a food in a certain amount – for which may be the amount not specified on google or somewhere else otherwise – including larger than normal amounts?





(Old Baconian) #3

I highly recommend the first link in the preceding post. It is the official U.S. Department of Agriculture food composition database and is therefore not subject to the vagaries of an on-line app with user-supplied data.

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If I could correct things, I’d correct “date” to “data”. Alas, I have not that power!

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Damn autocarrot! Fixed.


FYI. The data in Cronometer is from the USDA and other databases.



(Old Baconian) #8

While that is true, there are posts on these forums showing that even Cronometer is subject to sloppy updating by users. Of course, other apps appear to be far worse, judging from other posts I’ve read.

That said, even the USDA relies in part on data submitted by manufacturers, so I suppose there is a need for caution even there.

(Jane) #9

This is the first I’ve heard that Chronometer allows updating by users. Learn something new every day!

(Jane) #10

Chronometer allows you to input any quantity and has a large selection of units (oz, grams, cups, etc) to select from. Then it scales the food to the quantity and units you input. It also has all the micronutrients if you are interested and will track everything you eat. And it’s free.

(Old Baconian) #11

Well, my memory could be faulty. But doesn’t Cronometer give you the ability to choose which data source(s) to use? I believe one of the options is user-supplied recipes and such.

I guess I should go back over some old forum posts about Cronometer, and see whether they bear out my memory or not. Don’t get old!

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too late for me! :laughing:

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I do like the feature in Chronometer to input a recipe and calculate the macros. I’ve used this several times and even tweaked the recipe a bit to lower the carbs.

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

I like being able to tweak recipes that is why I just use MasterCook, have used it for years. They use the USDA for their info. Works for me.

I don’t track anything these days, take a pic of what I am eating, and leave it at that. Used MFP, they finally started denoting USDA info, but right after that I found my way to Keto/LCHF WOE and stopped tracking after years of doing it.


cronometer uses the USDA database, you can select any unit (usually) you like.


That only effects them though, that’s a big problem with CarbManager since it automatically shows you user submitted stuff which can be way off, Cronometer only shows you the stuff in the database along with anything you’ve added yourself.


It’s always done that, but only on your end as well as your cronometer friends which it’ll share the list with. it won’t show you what others have done, which I think is better. If you add something yourself that’s correct you have the option to submit it to the database but you’ve got to attach a pic of the product and nutritional label.