Where in the world Ketonians?

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Just down the road in Elkhorn. Have you tried Hu Hot Mongolian Grill in Kenosha yet?

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(Carpe salata!) #205

Sydney Australia.

Yep dow nunder …


Totally freaked out by your map! The image top right are my dogs!

(Mark Rhodes) #207

Hey Darcy- Did you ever get down to the Good Food Cafe in Madison yet? We went and it was very good. Still have to be careful because although they know about keto and keto books adorn the bookcases there many things are paleo and therefore honeyed. Their hours on the weekend are limited as well but it is a delight to eat there when we go thru Madison.

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Maybe a geography crisis?


Northfield New Hampshire USA.

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My dad was born in Portsmouth, but the family is from Conway. Alas, he married a foreigner from western New York.

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Not sure what you mean?


Beautiful Madison, WI

(Jordan) #214

Cincinnati, OH

(jim Chiodo) #215

Holland, MI (west side of state by big lake)

Would be nice to see a map with dots on it corresponding to other members

(Damon Chance) #216

Tulsa, OK


I’m from Laconia originally, lived in Michigan for 10 years, came back here 2011.


No I haven’t been down there but probably will for a school field trip sometime this year. I will keep it in mind. Thanks for sharing your review. :grinning:


I love New Zealand!


You’re so lucky Martin! I see the sky tower in the picture.


Bend, Oregon


Thanks @Reed1023 I’m originally from London but feel very lucky to live here!