Where can I go to (preferably anonymously) donate to the operations of the website?

(Ellenor Bjornsdottir (spare me thy resistant starch spiel)) #1

to be clear, I’m currently broke and can’t afford to donate. I would however like to get the admins on the record with where one can donate so that if some filthy rich benefactor wishes to take the strain off of the Dudes and (if she’s also investing) the Dudette, they can.

(Marianne) #2

Good post. I’d be interested to see the responses. Someone said there is a way to make a recurring donation to Two Keto Dudes, but I don’t know how to do it. I subscribed to dietdoctor.com, just to support their mission.


The 2 keto dudes (who run this forum), have a Patreon page and also a donate button on their main page. It’s implied it goes towards their podcasts, but I’m sure it goes towards the costs of running these forums as well.


Just adding, you can let them know you don’t want the Patreon icon on your posts, if being anonymous
is your thing.


Patreon uses credit cards right? Assuming yes you could use an anonymous privacy card to donate as you can make up any name and it’ll go through. If you’re a privacy advocate and don’t use privacy already lemme know, I can give you a referral link and I think we both get $5 or something. I pay almost EVERYTHING with those cards, more for protection of credit cards being stolen in data breaches but awesome either way, especially since you can make and delete them at will.