What's up with carnivores eating berries and honey?

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #62

Many people do eat those and remain healthy (they didn’t always contain pesticide) also what happens when meat is not available, the hunt fails or your neighbour steals your meat.
You starve or eat ‘Not Meat’.
But yes, we have a choice, there was a time when we did not! So our system evolved as duel fuel.

(Michael) #63

I am disappointed that my thyroid died while carnivore after combining with ADF for my experiment. I have been forced to add in some simple carbs and it was noticeable, IF, I left ketosis at least once a day. Having been thyroid fixing with honey for past couple months and I getting close to back to normal, but it has been slow. Still all carnivore except for 80g or so of simple carbs a day. Once I have fully recovered I plan to cut back with monitoring and see if pure carnivore or, much to my chagrin, animal based instead.

Body temp went as low as 95 F, it is back to 97.7 F, my BMR has actually not changed or dropped slightly, and my T3 and testosterone are increasing, very slowly. Keeping an eye on both for now. I expect another month or two like this before I can consider reverting to pure strict carnivore without milk or honey.