What's the current state of things on best/safest bags to use for Sous Vide?

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #21

Like you… Or my GF for that matter.

But IMPO, you or her (who both spend a lot of time worrying about cancer and doing all that you can to prevent it) are still just as likely to get it (again) as I am.

I should add though, that eating Keto (clean or dirty) is ‘maybe’ the best thing one can do to decrease the odds of getting cancer.

Or should I say, getting back to eating the way we evolved.

BTW David, how old are you ? You said you were probably getting exposed to carcinogens before I was born ??? I’m 54… Wait, 55 in 2 weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

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We’re all going to die of something. I’ll sous vide in whatever I have - zip lock bags, seal a meal bags. I also hav a smaller vessel as well as a larger cooler for stuff like briskets and ribs. I’m 62 years old and figure if some of the crap I ingested over my life hasn’t killed me yet, I’m not going to lose any sleep over some sous vide meats.

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I’m into 25 years or so now using the Foodsaver bags, God only knows what they were made of back then.


BPA can alter hormones. I’d be overly cautious if I were of child-bearing age or had children to feed.

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One thing I’ve learned in my 55 years, is that you can spend all of your awake hours, worrying about every different risk under the sun, but 99% of those things will never happen. Instead, it’s the one random thing that never even crossed your mind that will sneak up and nail you while your looking the other way !

Point being, worry is most often pointless, and in fact, does more harm than good. Worrying about about cooking in plastic, artificial, sweeteners, vapor trails, preservatives, ad infinitum …is a very large waste of time. What good is extra time on Earth, if your just going to spend that time worrying !

Don’t worry, be happy :slightly_smiling_face: Something is going to kill you, but probably not today :wink:


Except in this case, it was a male genital birth defect that led me to look into possible causes, which led me to plastics and toxicity.


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I use food saver and the food saver bags. So easy and the bags don’t float. Also I don’t have a fancy set up - I use whatever pot is right sized for what I’m soaking - since I can, I have a variety of pots - and top with heavy duty foil to lessen evaporation. Works great.

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Me too. Lately, I’ve been using my Instant Pot pot. The IP unit insulates the inner pot quite well. I recently got a silicone lid and that’s working well for keeping the condensation in the pot instead of on the counter, even when I open it.

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Great idea - did you cut the silicone lid to fit around your sous vide device? I wish I could find one to fit my canning pot.

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I didn’t have to cut it, it was made for the Joule. I think they have one for ANOVA as well on Amazon. It’s only 11 inches wide, so you have to take that into consideration.

For big sous vide, we have a big Coleman cooler that hubby customized for the Joule.