What time do you guys stop eating?

(Scott) #22

Got to get home from work and have a drink to unwind while dinner cooks. Done by 7:00 and no other eating after that.

(Bob M) #23

My kids have activities until late. Monday, 7pm; Tuesday 7 or 7:45pm; Wednesday late; Thursday 7:15 pm. If I want to have dinner with them, I eat after they get home most days.

Oh, and add another 15-20 minutes after those times until we get home.

(traci simpson) #24

Weekdays I’m done NLT 6:30. I ate my first meal late today. 1:45 so I’m probably not going to eat before 6 today.

(Bob M) #25

You might want to add “and go to bed” to this. My problem is not eating late, but the combination of that with also going to be early, before 10pm. If you eat at 7pm and go to bed at midnight, that’s probably different from eating at 7 and going to bed at 9 or 10.

(traci simpson) #26

Correct. Im in bed by 9 so ohs a struggle at times to eat before 6. I’ve tried eating at 3, at work but really hungry waiting that long to eat.


I think that too. And there are individual differences. I’ve read from many OMADers that eating very late works wonderfully for them. And it’s quite bad for others. For me, eating in the afternoon feels the best so I don’t care who thinks I should do it differently. Nothing else works this well, I tried.
(And of course, life interferes. When I could have my peaceful freshly made meal at home at 10pm, I ate at 10pm. Not ideal but better than eating only at work. I value my family meals too, I’m lucky they happen at the right time for me.)