What the heck is happening?

(Denise) #21

Hi John, this got my attention because I’m having a tough time burning off fat around my mid section, and figure I also have that visceral fat as well. I’ve heard it both ways, one says the Visceral is the first to go, and then I read another and it says it’s the last.

As far as the mid section, where I noticed extra fat on the outside was my waist-line :wink: I suppose I should make another thread on that but I’ll just see if you reply to this info for me? Thanks in advance, Denise

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #22

Well, visceral fat is indeed the first to go, but belly fat (sub-cutaneous, not visceral) does seem to be the last.

(John Bradshaw) #23

Hi Denise,
There is an easy way to determine if a person is losing visceral vs belly fat.

Measure the circumference around the belly with a tape measure each day for a couple of weeks.
If the weight is going down, but the circumference is staying the same, then the weight loss must be internal. It must be visceral fat that is being used. Even on an average height person who looks healthy, visceral fat can account for 9 or 10 kgs.

(Denise) #24

That makes sense to me John. I must be stalled in my Visceral loss. More exercise is I’m sure the reason. I really thought I was doing a lot, but I only started a workout (20 minutes only) that really wore me out, lots of sweat too.

My muscle has increased "in strength and a bit more definition but I think I need more than that workout, plus doing walks only when it doesn’t rain. We’ve had a lot of that, and I admit I’ve skipped sunny day walks as well.

I think I need to shoot for at least an hour of my resistance band workouts when it’s raining, like today.

What do you think about separate workouts, I mean like one in the a.m. and one in the p.m.? I know my Keto Nutrition is in very good shape, as I easily eat under 20 grams of carbs a day, almost zero, and my fats and proteins are pretty much even. I’ll do a check on my filling in a day of my foods and see what it calculates.

Last I calculated, I was actually eating under 1200 calories and started upping that amount. I’m 5’2", 111 lbs, 71 (age changes thing I know) and 20% body fat by online calcs.

(KM) #25

This is a really subjective way to measure it, but your tongue is actually part of your viscera, and when it is fat, that’s a good marker for other visceral fat in the body. (You know your tongue is “fat” by breathing problems when sleeping, when that fat tongue falls back and gets in the way of the air flow, which is why people with sleep apnea often see an improvement with weight loss.) In other words, if you still have love handles but you’ve stopped snoring or stop-n-start breathing while asleep, you’re probably “FOTI” (the opposite of TOFI: fat on the outside, thin on the inside.)

(Bob M) #26

If you like that and it fits into your life, why not? Back when I was a pseudo-body builder, they were going to the gym twice a day, 6 days a week. (I never had time to do that, so I never did it.)

Now, if you’re doing this because you think you HAVE to, not because you WANT to, then I wouldn’t. You can probably make just as much muscle working out less.

(Denise) #27

Since I posted this Bob, I doubled my workout time, it’s pouring rain today, and I was determined to work a little harder :wink: I did my 20 min.- Restistance band workout, full-body btw. I love it because I can feel how there are muscles being worked that never got much attention when I was at the gym. Inner thighs, glutes etc.

Then I did 10 minutes, really wasn’t timing it, of using my door-attachment with my other types of bands. Some within that 10 minutes where you stand on the band and put around your shoulders and did more squats, used my bench for just one set, but I didn’t like how that worked so I figured another way for next time.

Then put on my fave tunes and did 10 more minutes of dancing. Good workout, way ready for my shower after that :slight_smile:

I do prefer some activity in the even, nothing harsh, but can’t stand the TV except if I’m just real worn out.


MCT is an exogenous source of ketones. I would think if you stop MCT as the only change, your ketones will go down, not up but I am not an expert

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #29

I’m not either, but I tend to think you are right.

(Bob M) #30

Supposedly, at least some MCTs get processed pretty directly into ketones. So, dropping MCTs should drop ketones.

Though every time I see data from a continuous ketone monitor, I’m amazed at how variable ketones seem to be. When I do my pin-prick testing, they seem more stable to me. But I’m only testing – at most – a few times per day.

But if you did have a continuous ketone monitor, what “dropping ketones” means in that context might be different from what it means if you’re testing 1-2 times per day.