What’s yer fave coffee sweetener that won’t break the bank?

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I just use HWC and a sprinkle of cinnamon or allspice if I want a different taste for my morning cuppa. I tried several types of drops and really prefer the spicing to sweetening.


SucraDrops, They screwed everybody be weakening it by 50% last year for the same amount in the bottle, but 2 drops equal 1 tsp of sugar… and actually sweetens like sugar! Ideally I’d like to go to Stevia since it’s technically a “real” sweetener but it doesn’t taste like sugar and you need typically 5 drops to equal the sweetness of 1tsp sugar which is a pain since aside from the morning cup or three of coffee most of my other coffees are 32oz iced coffee’s… that’s a lot of drops!

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What @ctviggen said. Whip up a whole trough of it, store it in the fridge, and dole it out on a per serving basis. I only “make” coffee once every three weeks though I drink it every day.

I’ve done the math and I figure I’m saving about 75% of the time and about 90% of the cost of my old drip ways. And it tastes better.

Bonus: Since cold brew is concentrated, it mixes better into cappuccinos, cocktails, and other caffeinated delights. When you’re in a hurry, you can do full-strength cold brew shots. (guilty)

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Thanks. Good way to look at it.

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Good idea about going weaker with good coffee and making it easier fro cream to work it’s magic.

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Another good idea to try. Thanks.

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Great picture.


Good for you. Sucralose is almost as awful as stevia to me, I hate both with a passion.

I don’t even like the taste of sugar so I personally don’t search for that, I want something better ;). Or just sweet in some cases.

Apart from real sugars, maltitol was closest to the taste of sugar (it’s a horrible thing, I just talk about the taste). It’s still different and I felt some bad taste but it was subtle, it was mostly sugar tasting. But I feel that only when mixed with things. Alone it’s not even sweet! To me, at least. It’s some near tasteless powder.
My SO doesn’t feel erythritol really sweet after I bake something with it. I do.

I would hate the drops too. I don’t know how people do that. There are some popular liquid vitamin mix and people take 3x20 drops a day. I just imagine to put 1…2…20 drops into some water or tea and I already had enough for a lifetime, it’s annoying. I probably would use my standard 1/4 teaspoon or something…

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I think it’s a sign.



I’m VERY jealous of that! I’m with you on the Maltitol, things I buy with it taste like the real thing… until you eat too much of it! I went with the drops because of all the Iced Coffee’s I do, melting it in some of it first got old and the concentration of this stuff is high, but I’m with ya, I’ll continue to try everything I can find until I find “the one”.

If you ever decide to take a gamble, I also don’t like the taste of all the liquid sucralose, (chemical aftertaste) but I do like the SucraDrops as I don’t get it with it. Only reason I keep buying it after the scumbags diluted the concentration of it.


Oh, I still like sweetness (and sometimes desire it. Always when I am not hungry and consumed more than minimal carbs, no wonder I couldn’t lose fat on my original keto. I am a different person on carnivore), I just don’t prefer sugar. I am torn about fruits as I love them but I have problem with the sugar part. Oh well, I can love them without eating them (just sometimes and usually in tiny amounts).

I can imagine SucraDrops is different… I heard about better tasting stevia products and once I ate some chocolate sweetened with it and I failed to notice the usual awful taste I hate so much… Odd but it seems there are certain tricks.
But I am done with my experiments I think (okay, I would like to try out allulose as I never did and I am a very curious person. Monk fruit is probably awful for me as all overly sweet sweetener I ever tried. I never found these 2 in this country and I won’t order them from abroad, my curiosity has its limits :smiley: and I could buy good meat with that money). I don’t use any sweetener on my good days (even if I eat desserts) and I am okay with my sugar alcohols on my less good days. So it’s fine. It was a long battle, cutting out added sugar was nothing for me but lowering my sweets consumption? That took many years.

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@Shinita Good points here. I am lucky that I do not have a sweet tooth at all, except for my coffee. I drank it black for years. I regret that I ever changed. BUT… I don’t regret it so much that I am tempted to go back. On keto, I have very little hunger, which reduces my enthusiasm about eating. But I am always enthusiastic about my sweet coffee with heavy cream.

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Good idea for traveling. Thanks.

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Robin, I just checked out Sweetleaf and they have a monk fruit sweetener in liquid form. I ordered the creme brûlée for about $12 and it has 300 servings. They are also sending me a free bottle toffee stevia drops and shipping is free. I’ll let you know what I think of it. I’ve been ordering from their website a lot lately because of the free gifts and it’s the same price as Amazon.

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Ooh, good to know. I’d love to share some $love somewhere other than Amazon. Let me know!

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Update: My monk fruit from Sweetleaf arrived. I think it has the same sweetness strength as the Lakanto. The Sweetleaf was $12 but they sent me the free bottle of stevia and shipping was free. So until I find Lakanto on sale again, I’ll be buying this monk fruit.

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@kyarn Thanks for doing my homework. I owe you!