What makes some need/require Keto?

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@Liz_Carr Do you think people are born with ‘messed up metabolic systems’? Aside from a small percentage with genetic malfunctions from birth, I think most folks are born with relatively ‘normal’ metabolic systems. As I noted above we are in the midst of a world-wide epidemic of related metabolic diseases whose common element is eating high amounts of carbs and possibly (and probably) high amounts of seed oils. The victims of this epidemic don’t have problems because they have ‘messed up’ metabolic systems, they have messed metabolic systems because they ate too much of the wrong stuff for years or decades.

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Who said it was simple and who said they were born with anything? Sorry, I thought you were actually looking for a real discussion :slight_smile:

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I’d tweak this a little to to make the direction of causality clearer: Most people are vulnerable to carbohydrate and end up with messed-up metabolic systems from eating too much, whereas a certain percentage of the population can handle the high carb load without problems.

Dr. Phinney’s guess is that the latter group might be as much as 20% of the population. As long as people in the former group don’t eat too much carbohydrate, their blood work is indistinguishable from that of people in the latter group, and unfortunately there is no way to predict which group we belong to, until our metabolism gets messed up from the carb load.

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Congrats Matt, welcome to the keto world It saved my life Im from Georgia, and its like 10 percent are well, and 90 precent overweight and sick