What is your favourite Boursin?


So I noticed a raft of new flavours in my supermarket inc basil and pine nut which was quite nice. I always come back to my favourite though which is the black pepper one.

What’s your favourite?


I love the garlic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other flavors before.


We have here (France)…

Garlic and Herb
Black Pepper
Fig and Walnut
Shallot and Chive
Basil and Pine Nut
Cranberry and something or other

and then there are other brands with flavours like…

blue cheese
rosemary and olive


Those all sound amazing! I’m going to check different stores, maybe some other places would have more varieties than my regular grocery store.


yeah this is my local big supermarket and I am in France so… !

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #6

I tried Boursin for the first time 3-weeks back and luv them. Garlic, Garlic and Herb, & Black Pepper all delish, now I need to find the Fig and Walnut, hopefully not too high in carbs :grinning:


Oh good point. No idea. It does not appeal to me. I would imagine a bit higher but not crazy. I will look when there next.

(Julie Anderson) #8

My favorite is the Garlic & Herb. I am of the opinion that a person cannot eat too much garlic… :smiley:

(Definitely *NOT* oleophobic) #9

The one that’s in front of me usually… Honestly, there isn’t one I dislike…

Excuse me while I go get some from my fridge. :slight_smile:

(Jessica K) #10

I loooove the garlic and herb! They sell a multipack at Costco in the states :slight_smile:

(Cathy Schroder) #11

France? Cheese heaven…!