What is the longest fast that you've completed?



(Beth) #242

It went great! Glad to see you here again and hear how you’re doing.
I fasted 13 days, then spent several weeks fasting 48 to 120 hours before refeeds. Going for five days this week. When I do eat, I still have to avoid carbs and artificial sweeteners. They only make me want more carbs and sweet stuff.
I did notice my nails split more easily after several weeks of fasting, but no problems with hair loss.
I am about ten pounds away from goal weight. What has worked for you to maintain? OMAD?
Have you noticed much improvement in insulin resistance?

(Carolyn Gephart Wilson) #243

Wonderful job.

The hair loss seems to be associated with chronic protein deficiency. From what I can tell, people doing shorter fasts and consuming adequate protein between fasts don’t usually wind up losing much hair.

Usually I do an 18:6 form of IF with a flexible window - OMAD only rarely and unplanned.
Not sure about the insulin resistance as I don’t have any labs. I suspect it has improved but not resolved.


(Robin Lea Fritche) #244

That is really fascinating. And thank you for all of that info! I’m curious, were you taking any vitamins during your long fast? I realize that won’t make up for the protein deficiency, but I wonder if it would help. I guess I am willing to deal with the hair problem if it comes up, if it turns out that everything goes well and I decide to go a long time. I think the benefits of not having as much loose skin and also faster weight loss would be worth it in the end.

(Sharon) #245

Wow! :hugs: Thank you for all you’ve told us. It’s great to hear about those who are “pushing the boundaries.”

(Carolyn Gephart Wilson) #246


(Carolyn Gephart Wilson) #247

Daily Supplements were:

Garden of Life Women’s 50+ Multi. (I should have added Iron Glycinate a few times a week as this doesn’t contain iron and I didn’t notice that.)

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega

Qunol CoQ10 capsule

Wellness one Phosphate 500 mg day after 8 weeks

Potassium - 1000 mg day
Sea salt - approx two teaspoons per day
Magnesium capsule - 500 mg day

Exercise: a 90 minute low intensity exer civvies class with strength, flexibility and 30 minutes of cardio twice a week.

You might want to consider 30 day fasts with 15 day, very low carb, moderately high protein refeeds. That might be enough to solve the protein deficiency issue. The disadvantage to that type of plan is that many people seem to find it very, very difficult to start another long fast anytime soon after completing a long fast. . .


(Robin Lea Fritche) #248

That might be something to try! I bet it would be hard to start up again after eating for only a couple of weeks, but I could try it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Currently I’m just taking a multi and another pill that has a bunch of stuff for hair, skin, and nails. Both from Costco. Today I didn’t get any magnesium - I just had a couple tsp of light salt to get some sodium and potassium, mixed with water, and then I ate some pink salt out of my hand (I didn’t measure) and I added a little pink salt to the ice water I added ACV to ( not sure if I will keep doing the ACV but I kinda figured the way it tastes when diluted). I mixed up concentrated snake juice for tomorrow, to see if I can stand it.

I really have no clue how long I’ll go. I’m just gonna take it one day at a time, I guess!

Thanks for indulging me and answering my questions!

(Oluranti Johnson) #249

Hi guys, I’m starting a 36 hour fast today, i hope to go 48 hours, but if i can get to my goal of 36 hours i would be proud. This is my first time doing this. I’m new to the keto diet and I’m trying to lose weight and get my sugar cravings under control. I’m really hoping this would help.


Hour 52 and going strong!

(Oluranti Johnson) #251

You guys are amazing, you give me strength to do this. I love this forum. I’m so glad i found this.

(Paul O'Brien) #252

Hi everyone, first post… The longest fast I have done is 72 hours. i have built that up over a few months. I really enjoy a fast, feel so good, the mental clarity is immense.

(Sarah Bruhn) #253

I like Dr Phinny for so many reasons but Phinny deals with athletes, people who want peak performance and probably do not have the much of a body fat percentage, IMO Dr Fung has a better outllook “for the rest of us” on fasting as he deals with a very different cohort and has delt with actual fasting protocols in real humans for many years… IDM have protocols for up to 14 days of fasting depending on the why and the how.

(Charlotte) #254

Was it water only, no other liquids and no supplements of any kind?

(TJ Borden) #255


(Meg) #256

I think I could live a year on body fat alone :wink: , but I know what you are saying, it seems dangerous. I don’t know enough to tackle a fast longer than a week, and haven’t done that yet. I did do a 3 day fast but that is my limit so far. I am still kinda new at this.

(Ace) #257

Today is my longest day of a fast Day 8!

(Oluranti Johnson) #258

I just completed my 36hour fast and i still feel fine, no hunger or weakness. I think i will push it further and see if i can get to 48 hours. That would be such a victory for me

(8a37b36176e47902a5a1) #259

I’m new to this forum & new to keto…did IF for a few days then switched to OMAD for a couple weeks. I’m currently on day 3. I’ll probably go til my body tells me otherwise. This is my 1st water only fast. Stats: 9/17 203 lbs; 9/25 start date; 9/26 199.6 lbs; today 9/27 196.2 lbs.
20 years ago I followed Susan Powter’s diet…worked out TWICE a day with TWO full time jobs!! Went from 217 lbs to 165 lbs in 3 months. Got cocky & started eating whatever & stopped exercising. Had a daughter in 2002 then a son in 2004. When weighed right BEFORE having my son I was 271 lbs! In 2006, I was STILL 271 lbs! Over the years I’ve done vegan, vegetarian, & juicing. Lost some weight down to ranging between 200-210 lbs. Since 2006 I have been on over 9 or 10 prescriptions at once including metformin, insulin, percocets, hydrocodone, Ultram, Tylenol 3, tramadol, fentanyl, lidocaine, lorsartan, antidepressants, amdiolipine & a whole host of others (not ALL at the same time…might have misspelled some names).
Now I take nothing :):sunglasses: I’m happier, feeling better & get compliments on a daily basis.
I will say that I bought A LOT of stuff when I 1st started researching about keto: 20 lbs xanthan gum; 55 lbs erythritol; 50 lbs Himalayan pink salt; a gallon mct oil. Those don’t include my “startup” buying until delivery of the aforementioned. This was all becuz of the HOURS & HOURS of researching in a LOT of wrong places & writing down ENDLESS recipes. Ugh!! But something told me to keep looking. I came across Butter Bob & this forum and had to learn THIS is simple. Others make ithe seem difficult. So I’m all better now :wink:

(Carpe salata!) #260

That’s an amazing post @KCKeto. Very encouraging. I had cellulitis several times and I like to think I am using those lurking bacteria for food rather than the other way around. Hopefully I won’t get cellulitis again after some fasting.