What is a "Reward"

(eat more) #1

i got a reward notification…what is it? how do you do it?

i don’t see it in badges and a search didn’t return anything

(Dustin Cade) #2

I’m curious too


Stumped me too. Can you show us what it looks like? There’s no way to click through it for a description?

(matt ) #4

I asked the admins and no one knows. @richard any ideas?

(eat more) #5

ooooommmmggggg…so embarrassing

i’m an idiot…that’s the name of a thread…but since it looked like a badge notification my brain translated it as i GOT a reward

holy smokes what a dodo bird

sorry for all the unnecessary effort :neutral_face:



Strange thing is, i actually got some promising leads on googling the rewards. There was some talk of a points system and plugins for Discourse at one time. /nerdoff