What happens with lost identity/password

(Wendy) #1

I can’t seem to log in on my tablet. I tried ,“forgot password” but it doesn’t recognize either of my emails. Any suggestions?

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #2

Hi Wendy, I sent you a password reset email. Try that. In the meantime I’ll ask if there’s more that I can do to help.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #3

What browser are you using on your tablet?

(Wendy) #4

Got it and all set. Thank you!

(Wendy) #5

Samsung, actually the same browser I have installed on my phone.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #6

I’m glad it worked. Whew!

(⚕ lowcarb.skrinak.com ⚕) #7

Resolution in one hour? Is it just me to be impressed by this august team of admin support? Cheers, @PetaMarie, and @PaulL I’ll just sit back and cheer you on.

(Complete legend) #8

I moved it into here because I know our new admins actually look at this sub-forum…