What Foods You Would Never Eat Pre-Keto


(Todd Batitis) #21

I have never been a fan of thighs. I was breasts and legs. Luckily my wife prefers dark meat so that was never an issue, when we got a rotisserie chicken or a bucket from KFC she ate the legs and thighs and I ate the breasts and wings. That changed a few months ago.

We were at Costco and they had “Pit Smoked Boneless Chicken Thighs” and we talked about getting some. A few days later I came home to a mass of sausages and chicken thighs she did on the grill and DAMN they were good!! Just incredible. Skin was crispy and had a great flavor and smoke on them.

The next time we were are Costco I mentioned getting some more. It turns out those weren’t the ones from Costco we looked at, they were just end of sale markdown ones from the supermarket that had a lemon pepper coating on them. She jacked the lemon pepper up a notch and grilled them. They are a staple on the list now. :slight_smile:

(Carl Keller) #22

Avocados, cauliflower, coconut oil, mushrooms and any nuts besides peanuts. Keto has been great for reawakening my taste buds and encouraging me to re-try foods I thought I hated. . Then again, I imagine if you saute a sock in bacon grease it might taste good too. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Michelle) #23

Bourbon, heavy whipping cream, chicken skin, butter (by itself)

(Troy) #24

Butter by itself

Never b4
I eat it EVERYDAY by itself😁

“ stick “ ing w the butter theme :rofl:
Never b4
Now, I Order the side tiny butter cups restaurants or fast food establishments.
Eat those like a Jell-O shot

(Kate ) #25

You wouldn’t have caught me dead eating pork rinds.
Now…I buy the whole dang shelf. :slight_smile:

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #26

Now I know why I can never find any at the grocery these days. :joy::joy:

Half the time only the ones loaded with artificial flavoring are in stock. I might have to start going over to the mercado a few miles from my house, I think they still make them in house.

(Kate ) #27

I swear, everyone in my city must be keto- they’re so hard to find. :slight_smile:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #28

I would never eat PLAIN pork rinds but now I do and now I also eat PLAIN pork cracklins which taste like the skin and fat of a pig (or fingernails) and I’m totally okay with it. Boy how taste buds have changed!

I also only used to use heavy whipping cream as an additive to animal rehab formula and thought it was so gross. Now I am one second away from drinking it straight.

Oh, and I can tolerate 100% bakers chocolate but it’s still sort of bitter.

(Kristin) #29

I have enjoyed sips of hwc straight. :flushed:

When I started keto I bought a bar of 99% bakers chocolate. It was tough to take at first. Now I enjoy it, and it feels like a treat.

(Kristin) #30

I love bone broth too now.

So many new things to enjoy since keto.


I still have a love hate with avocado. I still can’t enjoy it sliced as the texture bothers me. But guacamole is another story. Something about mashing it makes it taste better to me.

(Todd Batitis) #32

I was also a hater of dark chocolate but I weaned myself on some 72% Endangered Species w/Blueberries bars my mother-in-law got from her son and hated. Eventually I started buying the Ghiradelli 72% squares. I bought some 86% squares and a 90% recently. Pretty bitter but working on it. And when you go from those down to a 72% square… the 72% tastes like …well… candy LOL.

I also used to laugh at the commercials for these products where the beautiful woman has a square of chocolate at the end of the day to “indulge”. LMAO, ONE??? I would eat chocolate by the bag or bar regardless of the size. Now, I have learned to make an 11g square last about 5 -10 minutes as we watch TV at night and I enjoy it as it melts in my mouth rather than the old chew chew chew swallow…done! :slight_smile:

(Laurie) #33


(Heather Meyer) #34

pork rinds

(Janelle) #35

Organ meats - then, now and forever. Fat on meat - then, now and forever. I ordered pork belly in Greece last week and kinda thought I was going to be sick. Uck.

Here’s one of those confusing things. Everybody talks about eating excessive fats while also (sometimes) summarily telling newbies not to keep adding fat (remember that thread?).

(Full Metal Keto) #36

My diet has changed but mostly by eliminating foods rather than eating ones I never ate before. Use single ingredient foods to make your own old school stuff. Not so long in the past people bought or grew their own staples and created food for themselves. Real food aka “God’s Food” is the best way definitely. Try making most of your food yourself and not relying on convenience foods, although I do like my bacon and ham! Since I purged my kitchen 3 months ago of all the heavy carb foods I have been finishing off salad dressings and condiments and started making my own instead of replacing them with store bought things.

Foods that I eat a lot more of than I used to eat are fats. Also I have gotten into fermentation and making my own sauerkraut and pickles which I consume daily for heavy doses of probiotics. Since I started that my weight loss rate has ramped up. I also rarely used coconut oil before keto but I have definitely acquired the taste for the stuff. I love quickly blanched baby Bok Choy stir fried with salt and coconut oil with some white pepper dusted in. I get burned out on too much broccoli but I eat a ton more green leafy veggies now that I rarely ate before. Kale, and all the family members of that group. Collards, all varieties of cabbage, Bok Choy, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower and Romanesco, Escarole and more. If it’s green I eat as much as I want.

(Todd Batitis) #37

When I first decided to give pork belly a try, I came home and the wife had cooked it up in the toaster oven and it was fantastic, just some Montreal seasoning and it was wonderful. Salty and crisp on the outside and porky and fatty on the inside in a way that, surprisingly, I didn’t get grossed out by and LOVED.

Like I said in the original post, if it isn’t crisped up on the outside I can’t do it much in the way I can eat avocado in guac but not straight. :slight_smile: We all have out tastes though. My mother will NEVER eat pork belly LOL. You couldn’t crisp it up enough for her :slight_smile: