What do you use your carb allowance on?


Hi Shinita. It’s all very individual what makes our bodies feel good. I upped my carb intake to 18 today and thoroughly enjoyed sliced cucumber with a mackarel I had fried in butter for lunch. The rest of my carb allowance went on a few nuts and strawberries and two squares of dark chocolate. I believe my daily chocolate ration adds to the quality of my life lol, well that and green tea. This way I can keep something of my old diet, as I was a mad green tea drinker and dark chocolate eater. Now I just enjoy both in moderation. But I thought meat and dairy such as cheese and cream hardly had any carbs at all? Primarily protein and fat. Today I feasted on chicken thighs for dinner and I didn’t bother having anything with them, they were delicious on their own. But on less lazy days I probably would have prepared something to go with it. I wish I could make a gravy as well as my partner, since I’m not very good at it I tend to omit the gravy. Bacon wrapped chicken provides plenty flavour and some brussels sprouts. Plenty of options. Anyway, food should be fun and enjoyable or it could impact on quality of life. Life is short enough that we don’t make ourselves eat things we don’t like, well luckily the keto WOE has so many delicious and nourishing foods🙂

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You guys got me interested, so I browsed around the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Data Central site. Interestingly, the meats I looked at all said 0 g of carbohydrate per 100 g of meat, except for the cured ham entry. Unfortunately, it’s not clear whether they explicitly measured glycogen content or not. In the case of Vitamin C, the entries for meats always say “not measured,” but glycogen simply isn’t mentioned under the carbohydrates, even when there are sugars listed.


Oh I understand it very well :slight_smile: Only 5-6 years into low-carb I still needed pretty much carbs in my life to have enough food joy and nutrients too :slight_smile: Adding meat and losing interest in vegs was a game changer and I am glad I reached that but before I ate fruits and not very little vegs and oily seeds all the time.
I still have my carby times, it’s just occasional and most of it not exactly needed but I can handle it and it would be hard to avoid.
We humans aren’t just different, we are at very different parts on our journey. I am sure I will eat differently in 1-2 years. I only left high-carb about 12 years ago, I am still evolving :wink:

Normal meat has about zero, organ meat can be somewhat carby. Cheeses vary, many harder ones have none or almost none, others are a bit carbier.
Eggs have carbs.
It’s not hard to be around 20g carbs on carnivore, even without dairy but I only do that with dairy nowadays. As long as I keep my dairy lowish (and I usually should), my carbs are never too high for me. Maybe it’s okay with much dairy too but I have other reasons to be careful (too much fat). But I definitely need some dairy for variety especially the creamy ones, I don’t care very much about cheese, it’s nice sometimes but not as vital as some others.

I nearly always eat chicken thighs all alone - except some spices as the normal cheaper chicken and not the super fancy, many times more expensive one isn’t very tasty. I use nothing for turkey, just salt as I find it tasty enough.


The right answer, nuts and leafy greens.

The actual answer, the sweetener in my protein shake, blueberries, the end of a fajita my son left, a single haribo, a bite of a donut or half a cookie.

But don’t tell anyone! I’ll get kicked off the forum.

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@Rusty Turn in your keto card right this minute, young man! :grin:

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Lol, thank you for sharing. Great post to remind us we are all only human🙂

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I do things that would get me kicked off this forum. Plus don’t need anyone to tell me its okay or not.

So I keep it to myself :speaking_head: :grinning:

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I eat a fair amount of vegetables as l just can’t do without them but stick to the low carb ones. So far l still see ketones in my urine so fingers crossed it is OK. Also a bit of almond flour

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I know this is old, but the reason Rusty would be kicked off the forum is because he can eat a bite of donut or half a cookie. It’s like eating a serving (1/2 cup) of ice cream. No one can do that! :wink:

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What carb allowance? Zero carb here…


Hi, yes this is an old thread. I am carnivore now, so there are no carbs anymore in my carbohydrate allowance other than the tiny amounts found in cream, cheese, meat, eggs, fish, etc.


Hi Bob, I suppose it all comes down to whether we’re moderators or abstainers. I consider myself a moderator as I used to be able to just have a small bite of whatever carby food, a bit of a biscuit, cake, etc, but after starting keto I quickly lost interest in all those carby foods and then the vegetables and plants as well, it just seemed to be a natural process. Now I only want to eat meat, fish, egg, cheese and cream. And the food tastes sinfully good.


20g carbs is very easy to eat on carnivore though, even without milk… I suppose it doesn’t matter or not for everyone (not for me) as it’s animal sugar but the carb intake itself is very, very far from zero sometimes :slight_smile:

My food always tastes good on every diet, quite basic for a hedonist who likes to eat :wink:
But it does enhance flavor to skip grains in most cases. My only beloved sandwich got way better when I skipped the bread :wink:


Hi Shinita, I don’t know about organ meats as I’ve never tried those.

However, on my pork chop packet the carbohydrate amount listed is 0.
On my bacon packet 0,5.
On my smoked mackarel packet, 1.5.
On my ground beef packet 0.

Now for the dairy …

On my packet of Edam cheese slices carbohydrate amount is listed as 0,1. On my tub of cream 1,6. I can’t actually see any carbohydrate listed on my packet of free range eggs, but the general carbohydrate amount in eggs is usually per 100 grams 1,1.

So yes, even on carnivore there will be some carbohydrates consumed, but the amounts I am consuming are negligible I’d say and far below 20 grams. But it depends on taste and preference. Me, I’m profoundly dull, enjoying both the simplicity and sameness of these foods much to the complexity of my family. But I have also been assessing more how my body has been feeling since I turned carnivore, and on this very simple WOE I can say it’s feeling really good.


Normal meat is usually zero. Organs have carbs.

I tried to look it up but found conflicting data… Whatever. It really doesn’t matter to me.

I often eat below 5-6g carbs on carnivore too but I have some dairy rich days… It’s easy to eat 10-20g sugar from yogurt, for example. Maybe because I rarely buy it but then I don’t only just take a little bite. Eggs easily bring 5g… These can add up but it’s still fine and not overly high.


Hi Shinita, if your body is feeling good, strong and healthy on your WOE and you’ve tailored it to your needs and you’re happy with how that’s going, then that matters more than the amount of carbohydrate, fat/protein ratio, macros, ketones, etc. But for me, giving up carbs significantly reduced the inflammation in my body. I keep telling my SO who’s on a HC/HF WOE that he doesn’t need to eat like me because he doesn’t have an issue with his health. And I wouldn’t put our little boys on carnivore. But for me, despite my family’s current concerns, it seems the right thing.

I don’t eat yogurt as my body doesn’t seem to like it, or drink milk. Though I am lucky that I can get away with eating large amounts of cream. I am back to eating more than 300ml which is what is in a tub, a day. And my body is happy with that. But I can’t just gorge on any cheese, I tend to stick with Edam and Gouda as my body tolerate those well. But I believe regular exercise is equally as important as any WOE, and so I try not to skip a single morning walk, whilst thinking I should do more. My body is pining now for spring and summer, the warmth of which always seem to infuse my body with much energy.


Well my body definitely complains very quickly if I raise my carbs… Not much or immediately, I can indulge without feeling sick but it’s still not ideal and I don’t like that.

So the carbs should be quite low BUT animal sugar feels nothing. So it’s not just the carb intake, it’s the net non-animal carbs for me, apparently. And plant sugar and starch aren’t the same either but both are not good for me.

It’s neat I can handle lactose and other animal sugars pretty well.

Exercise is very important indeed, at least for many of us. I do my usually little walks and I did some weightlifting but not seriously enough. NOW I mean business so I watch videos, learn and exercise too and I have aching muscles to prove it. Now I train all the important muscles, not just the 5 I used to…
It would be nice to do some cardio but I always was pretty much unable to do that. I wanna learn to run, since years but it goes slow. I had tiny runs during my 100 min walk today and I even did some weightlifting, it’s an unusually good day!
I need exercise to have my lowish energy at least… And I should use out the good weather when I don’t get overheated so easily. Anything between -10C and 15C sounds fine for a walk for me (if there is sunshine and little wind), even for a very short run… As long as I don’t dress too warm.