What do animals eat? (And how does this relate to an optimal human diet?)

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Primates, mostly, as I recall. They tend to have the longest nurturing periods after birth. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of what I read.


Hi Paul, just reading the news this morning and came across these articles completely by chance. Funny how the universe works sometimes. Anyway I think youll find them quite interesting. There are links to the original research publications contained in the articles but I havent read those yet. Enjoy.

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Thanks! I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading them.


Just wanted to thank everyone for the interesting discussion. I learned a lot and got some really good recommendations. It seems like the discussion has reached its natural conclusion, so Im going to carry on looking into what might constitute an optimal human diet and may be back with a new but related thread sometime soon. Until then, Ill say thanks once again and I wish you all a good week.


Eat like an Animal
For all those of you that were interested in this discussion, I think this podcast will be very interesting to you. This is exactly what we were discussing last week - can we learn anything about what might constitute an optimal human diet by looking at what animals eat?
Spoiler Alert: The answer is a resounding YES!

I don’t know whether to call it coincidence, synchronicity, the universe conspiring to help you follow your dreams or just a glitch in the matrix - but it just turned up on the Peak Human podcast today (Food Lies on youtube). These guys are both professors and have been studying this exact question together for 37 years. What’s more they are studying this in an interdisciplinary fashion with many other experts!

Enjoy everyone.
PS Yes I know I thought we were pretty much done with discussion, but if anyone has any further thoughts following on from the podcast I’ll be happy to discuss them.

And don’t be fooled by the title. These guys wrote the book “Eat like an Animal” and that’s a far more appropriate title.