What diet mods after your weight goal is reached?

(Pompo Bresciani) #1

I was wondering what to do after my goal weight is reached? I don’t wanna give up pasta or pizza but I don’t wanna gain all teh wight back either…How have you modified your diet afterwards?

(Susan) #2

Keto lifestyle for life, it is not a diet. If you just go back to SAD you will gain the weight back, and lose all the awesome, amazing life changing benefits and health benefits of Keto. You can have Keto pasta and pizza, just not the SAD varieties =).

(Pompo Bresciani) #3

I understand it is a lifestyle however there is no way I can never eat a regular wood fired oven real pizza or pasta or croissants again.

(Full Metal Keto) #4

You can do it occasionally after you’re fat adapted for a while. The longer the better. I wouldn’t do it for several months after starting. There will be consequences like maybe a gain in water weight, or some feel a hangover effect. Others can just breeze through it. But you should limit it to a meal for the quickest recovery. It may knock you out of ketosis for a few days the more you indulge. It’s kind of individual. I allow myself a few off plan meals a year, mostly I try to not have it be a total blowout turning into a binge. Like on vacation I stay keto most meals and choose something I really want to eat, don’t blow it on a cheeseburger and fries. Speaking of that I am more concerned about crap oils than I am an occasional carb hit. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Carl Keller) #5

I used to adore pizza, potatoes and rice. I had every intention of returning to them in moderation after I met my goal weight (which I did). After some brief experimentation, I’ve discovered that I can’t seem to enjoy them. Everything tastes different to me and eating starchy or sugary things now comes with an undigestible sense of guilt.

(Jane) #6

Certainly you can add some carbs back if you aren’t trying to lose… depends on how many and how often. It won’t be near as much as before keto or you will gradually gain the weight and inflammation back.

What did you have in mind as to how often and how much? Once a week? Once a day?

(Pompo Bresciani) #7

I’ll be happy to eat a wood fired oven pizza per month! :slight_smile: I guess I’ll have to re introduce carbs slowly and keep them at bay.

(Susan) #8

I thought you meant you were going to stop Keto and wanted to switch to another way of eating after you had reached your goal. If people do that, they will gain weight and not be healthy is all. Doing it as an addition to Keto, adding some carbs and monitoring and always keeping track so you don’t gain and stay healthy is probably what most people hopefully attempt to do once they reach their ideal weight, body shape, etc.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #9

I need to gain weight so am now eating about 50 grams of carbs. I am finding that more carbs at breakfast carries me longer until my second meal, which is keto. I am currently doing a cheese quesadilla with veggies and a glass of whole milk for breakfast. I was strict keto for 15 months.

(Pompo Bresciani) #10

To be honest I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, I’m just trying to figure out.

(Wendy) #11

I’d say don’t worry about it until you get there. You may find you don’t desire that pizza so much after you have done this a while. I’m at goal and have had pizza a few times. I like it but it’s not the same as before. Your tastes change, at least mine have, and your goals and thoughts of what food means to you changes.
Generally keto food is just more satisfying and guilt free. I know it’s good for me and I feel best eating it.
I’ve been at goal since last December. Not much has changed. I may indulge a bit more on nuts and berries and really try to eat enough fatty foods so I don’t continue to lose. That’s about it.
It really is so much more than a diet to get you to a goal, it’s a way of eating to keep you metabolically healthy…

(Art ) #12

Holidays will be cheat days for me even on keto. When I am in Paris there’s no way I won’t be having Pierre Herme’s Ispahan Croissant and a Carl Marletti Vanilla eclair. No f’n way, unless my new palate no longer enjoys such things. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I meet my goals - I will have long said good by to all of my fat clothes, I’ll never wear elastic belt shorts other than for workouts, and I will incorporate toast into my breakfast. I will probably shift my 2MAD into noon - dinner to be more sociable. And I’ll drink some wine now and then.

(Art ) #13

I can see that happening with me too Wendy - I had something on the 4th non-keto using the excuse “it’s what the founding fathers would have wanted”. It wasn’t there for me anymore. It was a bit like falling out of love.