What did you take a photo of on your walk today?

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Meet Holly

She used to be my walking and running buddy. Years ago, we’d go on 5+ mile long runs. When my now college freshman daughter would have her soccer practices, Holly and I would walk for miles as we waited for practice to finish. Then, later, while my son had his football practices, Holly and I walked for miles and miles, waiting for his practice to finish.

I used to love, and Holly loved, our walks. However, which is not unusual for pits, Holly has developed arthritis in her left “elbow” leg joint. Now we limit our walks to the necessities.

I really do miss my walking buddy. She loves the fireplace in lieu of our walk.


Lovely :heart_eyes:


Kept noticing bugs this weekend for some reason…


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Yesterday, actually. Tomorrow we are getting another storm so I hope to get some great pics.

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You could always get a little wagon so you could still walk and she can still be with you :slight_smile:

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Latin Jazz Spectacular. I don’t walk much outside but I do get cultured.

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I don’t know if this applies to where you live, but your comment reminded me of this article.


That is a great article! I haven’t read the whole thing, but saved it to read later. So far I agree completely. Tiles fall off walls before they are finished with the job.

But also, when people say Chinese people “aren’t creative”, I beg to differ. The culture may not value the touchy-feely “creativity” of the west, but in a practical level they are very good at using limited resources in ingenious ways.

Also, many people don’t want to live near gas stations. Just in case they blow up. I used to think this was paranoia. Now I think it is probably wise.

Regarding toilets I don’t think they aren’t working. Many toilets here were designed without flushing mechanisms to begin with. You flush it by dumping a bucket of water you fill at the tap provided for the purpose.

My current apartment is really special. My landlord meticulously remodeled it himself, except for the wooden flooring he had installed. All very professionally. My apartment complex is very Chinesey, but tidy and maintained. I hope I don’t have to move for a long time!!!

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Well said, Ruina. There may be beauty even where it’s not traditionally expected.
Under hard iron skies as autumn strains against the coming winter.
Old buildings that saw many families.
Hotels of a prior age.
Offices where she used to work.
Where he ran the elevator.
Where they came and went.
But now nobody is walking.
The silence is tidal.
Where a pigeon steps
on a little discarded plastic ring
from a jug of milk
and the ring stands up
above the ground.
Where a cold wind blows torn papers around your feet
near the chain links, the sad alleyways
the dirty concrete with moss growing in the cracks.
Where branches show against the sky
from dark tree trunks
by the tired wrought metal fence
that has caught a plastic bag
that was blown by the wind.



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You paint a beautiful picture with your words. Well done!

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I took this at lunchtime to demonstrate just how huge my Micah swan is :heart:


Those are some large feet! Or you have incredibly small hands.

(Allie) #395

He is huge, biggest swan I’ve known so far and only about two years old :open_mouth:

(Doug) #396

Swan feet for the win. :slightly_smiling_face:


Bulletproof Café in Seattle.


No editing at all…

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Beautiful. Where is this?



Just south of Aberdeen, Scotland :slight_smile: