What did you take a photo of on your walk today? PART 3


The PART 2 thread is starting to really slow downloads. So here is a new thread.

I am not posting a picture, but I am sure some others will have some real soon. We are in a winter storm watch and no one is walking anywhere currently.

Hope some of you are having great walking weather.

What did you take a photo of on your walk today? PART 2!

Here are a couple of pics of why I did not take a walk today. A neighbor’s tree got toppled over, it was a healthy tree too, but to much wind and weight from the snow for it the other tree is in our front yard. Hope everyone else is having better weather than we are.


(Butter Withaspoon) #3

That snow scene is wonderful!

I had a very wet rainy walk while on a trip away.image image image

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They were all the right way up i swear!
Here’s a spectacular view to compensate lol😂image


So jealous. I am longing to see green things again.


We have green things. And other “things” grazing the green things :smiley:

Bad quality, sorry, they run away and stayed too far, I hadn’t the best lens or enough light… If they will be there tomorrow with some nice weather, I will make much more and hopefully better shots!
There are some goats nearby too…

Aren’t they beautiful? :smiley: I have a skull with even much more bigger and amazing horns on my wall and they taste great too, my favorite ruminant meat this far.


This one is my favorite :slight_smile:

I will bring zillion flowers later, I show only one of my new pansies now. Why I can’t have sunshine lately when I take a shot? :frowning:

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:clap: We have a sheep skull, too. :sunglasses::smile:


I used to spin wool, they are gorgeous animals, that wool would be awesome stuff.


These flowers are still around (I still didn’t bring a bunch of photos but it’s easier to show the few from today first):

The light was interesting here…

And finally, my first daffodil bloomed and a bunch of others started right away… Soon there will be zillions.

The same crocuses a few days ago… I am so happy with my new big crocus (it’s objectively gorgeous anyway :D) that I couldn’t resist to shot it a few times… The first one was bad quality (I probably didn’t see the settings were off again) but the light was interesting.

And I saw this in my garden too… It’s Tofu, our youngest cat with a very unique personality (we always had cats, I know all are individuals but Tofu is still special).

I have many pasqueflowers too :smiley: But I show these from a walk. Lots of spring flowers appeared. I even saw blooming primroses already but I had no camera at that time (only my phone, I didn’t check that surely bad photo. Last year I made that comparison photo, my phone is just highly inferior…).

I found this dead plant interesting :slight_smile:

Oh well, I can’t resist. Pasqueflowers! Just the more interesting photos…

They aren’t all the same color… Some are a nice normal purple, some are bluish purple and some are PINK! Pinkish purple, at least.

A hairy little thing :slight_smile:

Oh what could possibly go wrong if I show some more? It’s not like I don’t resize my photos to be modest and pasqueflowers are just awesome.


Spring is unstoppable and so is me.

Something new…