What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)

(Randy) #1671


But: I need a Chunk fix!!!

(Allie) #1672

As it happens, today was the first day in three weeks that Chunk has been able to go off the lead and gallop properly as his shoulder pain has been bad… so here you go :grinning:

(Khara) #1673

Great sequence of shots. Especially love the back roll and found “stick”. :blush:

(Allie) #1674

This bottom one is my favourite even though I was slightly worried that I was about to get slammed :joy:

(Ellen) #1675

Go Chunk!

(Marie Dantoni) #1676

(Randy) #1677

Awesome!!! Glad to see Chunk feeling well!!! :hugs:

(Khara) #1678

It sorta looks like he was slightly worried too! :rofl:

(Allie) #1679

That’s just absolutely crazy delight :joy:

(Randy) #1680

A man on a mission!!!

(Edith) #1681

The bluebells in Northern Virginia are in full bloom.

(Ellen) #1682

And you found a bear :wink: gorgeous dog :grin:

(Allie) #1683

Your bluebells are totally different to bluebells as we know them in the UK :open_mouth:


Just what I was thinking!

(Diane) #1685

CHUNK does have a bit of a wild look in his eyes!

(Troy) #1686

(Edith) #1687

We have those same purple flowers, but ours don’t get quite so big. They are lovely.

(Edith) #1688

The bluebells in Virginia need to grow close to water.

(Liz ) #1689

A house in mom’s neighborhood. Newton, Massachusetts

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1690

Loooove Victorian homes.

Makes me think they’re haunted :ghost: