What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)


Hey it is Keto right?

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #623

I don’t know how I noticed an old butterfly wing sticking to this leaf.

(Karen) #624

Not really walking.

Just my dead arm in a sling

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #625

More from my trip out west, had a couple of days of hoar frost Everything is brown and gray here.

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #626

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #627

The plants are reclaiming the earth :eyes:

(bulkbiker) #628

Before yesterdays walk!

And the walk itself


Nah, he just finished ripping that off a fallen tree…

See, hes fine…

(bulkbiker) #630

Todays effort…

(Karen) #631

Where are you? Lovely

(bulkbiker) #632

This was at a place called Cuckmere Haven on the South coast UK between Brighton and Eastbourne. It’s about 45 minutes drive from where we live.

(Allie) #633

Looks lovely

(bulkbiker) #634

Bit chilly 5C but seeing the sun was nice… and the houses were the location for Luther series 4 first episode…

(Allie) #635

Warmer than here Mark :grimacing:

(bulkbiker) #636

Wow its chilly there… didn’t realise…
One of the many joys of being coastal is the temps are a bit less extreme…

(lowcarb.skrinak.com) #637

Those look like the cliffs featured on Broadchurch?

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #638

One of the things I don’t like about winter is when I go walking after work it is almost dark. In this photo is my baby Stella. You can see how well she is camouflaged.

(Michelle) #639

The boy’s heading up to hill to meet me.
Not a bad view if I say so myself.

(bulkbiker) #640

Similar but those are further west along the coast in Dorset
" The popular ITV crime drama is primarily filmed in the Jurassic Coast harbour village of West Bay , Dorset . While the backdrop of West Bay – also known as Bridport Harbour - is used due to its spectacular cliffs and scenery, the street scenes in Broadchurch are filmed in Clevedon, Bristol."
The cliffs at Cuckmere are chalk so white…
the Broadchurch one’s were more sandy and brown,. If you ever see the BBC detective program called “Luther” with idris Elba at the start of the 4th series he is staying on the cottages with a view of these cliffs the ones in the picture with Boris. Partly the reason we visited.


Lovely afternoon walk