What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK) PART 2!

(Jane) #404

A reverse of your typical daffodil with the yellow leaves and white throat

(Jane) #405

I just realized Ella is like a photographic negative of Chunk! She has brown fur with a black muzzle and black dots over her eyes and Chunk has black fur with a brown muzzle and brown dots over his eyes

(Susan) #406

They are both darling, beautiful dogs though =).

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #407

The Dogwood and Azaleas are in full bloom here in North Georgia.

(Allie) #408

You’re right, I see it! :sparkling_heart:

(Allie) #409

Someone has abandoned this gorgeous boy in a local park. I’ve spent most of the day trying to get close enough to grab him and not giving up yet…


I would send you my retriever, but…

(Ashley) #411

Poor guy I hope you catch him!

(Jane) #412

Looks kinda like a Welsummer rooster!

Can you keep him where you live? You can raise your own chicks but will eventually have to deal with too many boys. At least with your rescues you don’t have to worry about it!

(Allie) #413

I think he may be a Rhode Island Red?

He’s safe, it took me all day but I got him after dark when he was roosting on a branch. Carefully grabbed his legs and he couldn’t resist.

I will try to keep him but it may not be possible, he will be here for as long as h needs to be though as he needs to be safe and the rescues are all closed because of the virus.

('Jackie P') #414

@Shortstuff rides again! Woop woop🤗

I walked into my garden and tidied the whole thing up! Usually I hate gardening and usually get a man in, but I have whittled away and today … dadaaaaah!

I even repainted my shed !!

I would love to invite some friends round for a garden party, but alas I must enjoy it alone😏

(Ashley) #415

Yay @Shortstuff I’m so glad he’s safe!

(Susan) #416

Awesome that you got him home, Allie!-- since he is a Rooster, how does that work with the Hens? Can he be with them --or do you have to keep him separated? If he is with them; how would you know which eggs are baby chick eggs instead of normal eating eggs?

For sure you will have a Cock-adoodle-do morning alarm clock? Or is that merely a Fairytale thing? hehe.

(Susan) #417

You did a brilliant clean up job, Jackie, it looks lovely.

(Lusta Ugorka with Barries 🍊) #418

Awwwwww Allie that’s a lovely pic.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Yup, we had " Jack" the Rooster and when we first brought him home, he freaked out and took off into the next paddock and spent the entire night, roosted on a branch up a tree. But all the gorgeous sexy lady hens clucking around made him give up and come down and back home. Then he became the King and the Hens his Queens. To chase them and do his business whenever he liked. Much to their dismay.:wink::joy::joy::joy::rofl::heart:

(Lusta Ugorka with Barries 🍊) #419

And how could ANYONE abandon such a fine handsome guy!!! If I was a hen I would want him bad.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Glad you found him and give him a cuddle for me.:heart::heart::heart:

(Jane) #420

They crow morning noon and night which is why some places have ordinances against them. They will protect the hens, though. If you collect the eggs every day like Allie does it is no problem. The eggs may be fertile but ok to eat and the cell division has barely started so on a microscopic level.

(Susan) #421

Oh okay, that is great about them protecting the hens and about the eggs --not so great about them crowing all the time though, hahaha.

When we lived up north, a dear friend of mine had hens and a rooster (named Roosty) for eggs, and he was tinier then all the hens but he strutted around like a little king, he was so cute =).

Thanks for explaining all that @Janie =).

(Allie) #422

He’s separated for now but will hopefully be able to live with the girls after he’s settled in, very early days though and all new to me. Eggs will only develop into chicks if the girls get broody and decide to try and hatch them and I can’t risk that, as tempting as it is but I couldn’t keep them all and wouldn’t want to let them go either, so I will have to be aware and step in if needed :flushed:

Totally unplanned and far from ideal, but I couldn’t leave the poor boy. He’s so skinny :frowning:


@Shortstuff Allie, this is a very stupid question, but what do your chickens eat or actually what is the best diet for chickens?