What can I expect in week 4?


Nice, thank you.
We won’t have a kitchen, its the pop century hotel. But they have a small fridge.
Thanks for the garden grocery idea, that would be good to order in some cheese and deli meats, cream, etc.
There are 7 of is so I wouldn’t expect everyone to follow me around. But I do have my eye on a BBQ pleace, something like the pleasent pig? They also have a big bourbon selection which I am particularly interested in.
We have $108 a day credit on food, so that will help bring the bill down a little.


Ah I see. You might not be able to hit the minimum necessary for a Garden Grocer order. I can’t recall what their minimum order number is. However all of the resorts have mini markets with cheese and meats and snacks etc that should fit in the mini fridge.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #43

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching the UK The Office, is that you guys love you some Florida!!

Awwwwww that is so sweet!!! I hope you guys have great weather and a great time. I hope you go to Gatorland!

One time at Gatorland, I was annoying a tapir because I wanted to feed it and it kept ignoring me. So from 15 feet away, it lifted its leg and peed all over me like a super soaker. I had to throw my clothes in the trash. Fun times.


Haaaa. That’s a great story.
There is so much to do there is no way we will fit it all in.

Yes we do love Florida!
As a Stephen King fanatic I’ve always wanted to see Maine. If it was up to me I would see the mid-west. But this is for my kids. Really looking forward to it.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #45

Pet Sematary is one of my favorite books/movies of all time. Maine is gorgeous. Was contemplating buying a house there.

I lived in Chicago and the outskirts for a year and a half. I’m born and raised and currently still in the New Jersey shore area, across the bay from Manhattan. The best way I could sum up the mid-west is this: if I have nothing nice to say, I shouldn’t say it at all. :joy::joy::joy:

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I think you can briefly indulge in the “American Diet” without lasting harm, but you have to remain mindful of what you’re doing. “An ice cream cone” is a baseball (or two) of ice cream in a double waffle cone dipped in chocolate, but you can ask for a peach-sized scoop of something in a cup. A meal or a ‘combo’ at a fast food restaurant includes a big serving of fried potatoes, but you can save those carbs (and a little bit of money) by just getting the sandwich - and a few more by throwing away the bottom bun which is usually gross anyway. Keep your eyes open - enjoy the trip but avoid the fall. :slight_smile:

(Bacon enough and time) #47

In my neck of the woods, potatoes and bread come standard with almost everything. But you can ask not to receive them by saying, for example, “Hold the bun, hold the fries.” I’ve found it imperative to use the word “hold,” because otherwise the request is likely not to register. Also be sure to say “hold the . . .” for each item separately, or again, you won’t be heard correctly.

In earlier years, there used to be some eye-rolling at the special snowflake who would make such a request, but by this point, the standard American diet has caused enough people to develop coeliac disease that the server won’t even bat an eyelash. You may even be asked if you want extra veg.

One burger chain with an outlet near me takes gluten sensitivity very seriously. The order-taker will ask, “Is that allergy or preference?” If you reply “allergy,” they will bend over backwards to avoid contaminating your food with gluten. It is a major effort. If you reply “preference,” they are too busy heaving a sigh of relief to even think of judging you.

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Yup. I don’t like to play the diabetes or allergy card, but it certainly does get better results.

I’m visiting my 93 year old mother this week and steeling myself for the struggle. She knows I have no underlying conditions that Require keto, therefore it’s “only polite” to eat whatever I’m offered, which will be a helping of SAD for every meal, followed by some “doesn’t count” chocolate and pastries. It’s her version of being kind and generous, so I’m working on my prestidigitation skills with a big napkin. Now you see it, now you don’t, boy wasn’t that tasty. :wink:

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Hidden camera please… wanna see that slight of hand in action. She must not have a dog. They make good accomplices for disappearing food.


2 years in now & gotta say, “week 4” is SO much just barely getting your feet into the edge of the river. Sure, you’re starting to lose weight. Yes, your body is using its capacity to find energy other than using easy carb dependence. Psychologically you are getting positive reinforcement - not always guaranteed, so remember these positive moments. It will take your body and brain easily another 6 months to a year for ketogenisis to be the “norm” and for you to “forget” nutrition from carbs as comfortable. You may go through a couple of days or weeks (like holidays) when carb loads sneak back in… don’t worry, you’ll know. Read now about keto re-entry. It’s not hard once you’re fat adapted, but a carb load sure can make you feel crappy, and worse the mental beat you might put yourself through. Don’t sweat it. No big deal unless you’re medically needing to be keto. Your body and brain chemistry will eventually be keto primary. Enjoy having a slice of apple pie or thick crust pizza, because you know it’s not gonna “add pounds”. The “high” of the bursting energy level feeling…for me it went away, replaced by a consistent state of being more energetic. I miss that amazing feeling, but at 65, I appreciate being as strong, sustainably active and generally physically fit as in my 30s. (Generally) Keep reading on keto topics. You will eventually find low carb foods that become the baseline everyday. You’ll learn that the word “keto” on a food package is usually bs (READ LABELS). Do the math on carbs per serving/ounce/tablespoon/“medium sized fruit” etc and enjoy more foods than it might appear possible on low carb lifestyle (Do the math). Eventually, people around you will stop with the comments and questions and advice. And, as your body sets itself into its new normal, your brain will eventually also set a new self image. Then one day, a couple or 3 years from now you’ll meet someone you haven’t seen since before you waded into this river and they’ll say “Wow…(insert more comments and/or amazed slightly stupid blurtouts)” and you’ll be like… what?..this is just me!..

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Very true! I retired in 2020 when covid began. Lost 65 pounds since then. I see coworkers now who don’t recognize me. It’s fun to watch them try to find a way to complement me without acknowledging how I was fat before. Lolol